November 11th Worldwide Mass Meditation - are you in?

There is a large plan to begin a global meditation on November 11th, 2008. Commander Adama's recent newsletter message explains this in detail:

November 11th Worldwide Mass Meditation

I am scheduling a mass meditation for November 11th 2008. On this day,
a major wave of energy will be flowing through the planet. This
energy, of course, will be very activational for everybody, and will
raise the collective consciousness even higher than it already is.
11/11 is an important cosmic number, and amplifying that energy could
have very beneficial properties. So, on this date, I am calling for a
worldwide mass meditation for a couple reasons. They are the following.

1) For lightworkers to come together to magnify their light and
amplify it even more worldwide.
2) To help the next USA president (whoever it ends up being)
energetically and consciously into awakening to planetary and
universal truths.
3) To tap into the flow of manifestation, and by using our power, to
make certain events such as major ET events, government events,
financial events, etc. to come to fruition within the very near future.
4) To help heal Mother Earth and more importantly, to send her love.
5) The list goes on and on.

This mass meditation is going to be a 24 hour event, and will start
and end according to your own time zone. This message is to simply
spark the awareness of others.

I have dedicated a part of my forum to this event which will contain
all of the information for this mass meditation. It is going to be the
headquarters for information regarding this event. Things such as
envisioning and meditation methods, lists of what to meditate for,
updates on how big this event is going to be, etc. The link to the
forum is:

Please spread this message as far as possible. I want this mass
meditation to be as big as possible, so we can start to create big
change on this planet. We have the power to do so, so let's use it.

Love and Light,

Commander Adama

There is also a video on the 11/11 Movement on YouTube:

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