The "Second Sun"

Now, there is another weird prediction/prophecy which basically states that there will be two suns in the sky. Again this is a pretty bizarre and unlikely prediction. But interestingly, there seems to be some connection between the new "sun" and the "photon belt". (It is also possible that Hale-Bopp itself is the "second sun", but I will assume that it is not.) The following excerpt from Mary’s Message is an example:

"In this new (magnetic) energy will be the makings of new stars and a new sun which will enter the immediate solar system." (p.38)

I think it’s safe to say that what Annie Kirkwood (the author) calls "magnetic energy" or "new vibrations" is what others would call the "photon belt". So the above sentence would translate;

"A new bright star will appear when the solar system enters the photon belt".

The following excerpts from the same source concerning the physical change in humans further confirm the connection:

"The atmosphere will change in components. The solar system will be different. A new sun will be added. This will be a binary solar system. The two suns will activate cells which will draw nourishment from the sun’s rays. The need to ingest foods will be aided by the nourishment derived from he sunrays."

"Man will evolve into a more mental being. He will be able to hear sounds which are not presently heard. He will see through particles of light which are hidden to him now. With his mind, man will hear and speak. He will have better use of his psychic abilities." (p.243-244)

The next one is from the Hopi prophecy. (Source: Atlantis Rising by Brad Steiger):

"The Armageddon of spiritual against material will occur when the ’Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina’ - now represented by a far away and yet invisible blue star - makes its appearance. The Emergence into the Fifth world, however, has already begun, the Hopis state."

This one is from Gordon-Michael Scallion. I believe/hope this is one of his older predictions, so it should be more authentic (i.e. psychically received ) than his recent predictions:

"By the turn of the century Earth will have a binary sun system, as a new sun appears in the heavens. During the day it will appear as a small white light in the sky similar to the way the moon looks when it is visible during daylight hours. In the evening this star, blue in colour, appears as a bright light in the Milky Way. Its size would compare to ten times that of the brightest star or planet now visible."

"Now, the sun also has a cycle with other spheres. As it moves across the known & unknown heavens, it comes under the influence of other suns, also on their journeys. What you were shown, relative to the blue star, was this star coming into this solar system, making it a binary sun system, for a period of time.... Its time period is related to the previously prophesied ’millennium of peace?’

As part of its cycle, it shall disappear behind the sun once more. Though it shall be visible for 1,800 years, in total, & then a new cycle begins.... During the day, it will appear as a silvery light 100 times brighter than any morning star, so as to require a new ’Magnitude’ scale."

Now, back to my comments....Could this " new sun" be the mothership??

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