Starseeds, Walk-ins and Lightworkers

What are these names?? What do they mean????? Here's what I found at :

About Starseeds

Not everyone on Earth is from earth. There are those who are here from other planets and civilisations in this and other universes. And though they walk around in human bodies, in truth many have forms that are not entirely indigenous to Earth.

Many starseeds feel that this is true, but they don’t have information available to them to confirm it. Many are drawn to animals and other life forms on earth that, in fact, closely resemble their true form. For instance, some are very drawn to dolphins and there is a race of Beings called the Nommons who live on a planet in the Sirius star system.

There are other factors indicating a starseed identity. Here is a list of a few of them.

# They have an intense sense of loneliness.

# They feel like they don’t belong in their earth family.

# They have a fascination with the stars and feel as though their home is out there, but they can’t remember where.

# They begin to question the ways of earth at an early age. Many are the black sheep of their family.

# They are drawn to metaphysics seeking answers to why they feel so alone and why they don’t seem to fit in on earth.

# Many have an adversarial relationship with the parent of the opposite sex.

# The majority of starseeds have the facial shape of their mother but the remainder of their physical body is like that of their fathers, or the other way around depending on which parent is the real parent, the starseed parent from off planet. This is done for a reason.

# The majority of starseeds carry the Crystal Gene for DNA Recoding/Ascension. The crystal gene enables them to easily channel and access beings on other dimensions as well as recode their DNA.

# Lower than normal body temperature and inability to handle heat.

Starseeds have at least one parent who is not on earth. In other words they have one parent who is their real parent and one who is a surrogate parent. The surrogate is usually their earth father but not always. Sometimes it is their mother.. And just in case you are concerned, there is always a contract made between the earth parent and the real parent, before the starseed child is born, for the earth parent to stand in for the real parent and to love and rear the starseed child. Many times the earth parent is a starseed themselves.

The starseed child looks more like the earth father to ensure that they are accepted by that parent at birth. In the majority of cases the real father of the starseed is not of human origin.

Starseeds are here on earth as representatives of their civilizations. Their purpose is to create templates that can be used by the members of their homeworld to overcome some societal problem that hinders their spiritual evolution as a soul group. They alos in return bring to this planet a gift of imprinting into the local akasha (holographic records) the solution to some evolutionary problem facing out beloved Earth.

I am told that 144,000 civilizations have sent some of their people to earth as starseeds. These civilizations closely watch their beloved children while here on earth. The real parent, the starseed parent, is usually a guide for his child while that child is on earth. It is my understanding that this is why so many starseeds have experienced visitations from an early age. Their family on their homeworld uses many ways to communicate and maintain the connection and love bond with their family member on earth. This is also why so many civilizations have ships orbiting earth right now. They have family here and therefore have a vested interest in seeing that earth ascends.

There are many many different kinds of Starseeds, some come more so to bring learning, some more to take it back to their own lifewaves, some are sent here for rehabilitation on exchanges organised between hierarchies of the lifewaves concerned because of weaknesses on that soul groups integration. Sometimes a lifewave generally moves beyond certain lessons yet some aspects still require that learning, so rather than hold up the whole lifewave for the stragglers, exchanges are organised with more primitive lifewaves. So funnily enough, in that case, a straggler from another lifewave might be considered an amazing enlightened teacher in our lifewave. This explains the 'rough edges' in some visiting teachers. There is another danger, the primitive lifeflows here are often more than the visiting starseed can handle and they fall deeply unconscious and become stuck on the Earth Wheel of karma. Starseeds (contrary to the current popular New Age propaganda about Starseeds) must sign up for a complete cycle of lives rather than just one. They have many lives wherein that have the opportunity to explore experiences over a vast period of time, usually around 250000 years of a planets history, these are lived as ordinary lives which allow the visiting soul to acclimatise to Earth life and to understand our ways. There will then usually be but one or two lives wherein that soul serves as a teacher to give back and leave their mark on the planet. There are thousands of starseeds here who over lifetimes have been lulled into unconsciousness and are now thoroughly convinced that they are Earth 'locals'. These visiting souls will become a permanent part of this lifewave during the respacialisation between 2012 - 28 if they do not awaken and embrace their service work soon. Many Starseeds came here during the Orion conflicts and their worlds were destroyed after they left. This changes their mission somewhat. Their lifewaves are now scattered throughout the galaxy now educating other worlds how to not make the same mistakes as their lifewaves made.

About Walk-ins

Walk-ins are people from other dimensions who have walked in to the body of a person here on earth. In all cases there is a contract made before the host, the original soul, is born for this to occur.

Walk-ins use this method to enter the earth plane when their mission requires that begin soon after they arrive. Their mission necessitates they skip the birth and adolescent stage and come into an adult body. This is not always the case. Some walk-ins come into much younger bodies, but this is more the exception than the rule. When a child walk-in occurs, it is because the soul coming in needs the experiences of childhood and adolesence as a foundation for their mission. Childhood and adolescent walk-ins usually don’t awaken until they reach adulthood.

Indications of a walk-in are:

# Usually occur during a traumatic event in the host soul’s life such as a severe illness or a car accident. Many come in during a near death experience. This is the most common way for walk-ins to exchange places, but it is not the only way. Yet, most all cases the walk-in occurs when the host is unconscious.

# They all of a sudden, have little or no connection with some family members.

# Divorce occurs usually within 3 years after the walk-in has arrived.

# Ongoing physical pain in the neck and shoulders that wasn’t there before the walk-in.

# Loss of coordination and memory lapses. Trouble with speech.

# Sudden change in tastes such as food, clothing and decor.

# Sudden loss of interest in career and hobbies. New ones are found along with a sudden interest in all things spiritual.

# Strong knowing that they have a mission to accomplish though they may not remember what it is at the present time.

# Some walk-ins have memories of their homeworld or ship. They even have memory of their incarnate forms being sustained through a form of cryogenics that is far superior to ours.

# Walkins usually carry the Crystal Gene. This is a genetic program which allows the host DNA to be transformed into something more in line with the type of body that the walk-in is familiar with and requires to fulfil their mission on Earth.

Walk-ins have a more challenging role on earth because they have spent most of their incarnation on another plane of existence and then come to earth in the middle to later part of that incarnation.

About Lightworkers

Lightworkers are people who have chosen to seek spiritual knowledge and have made the choice to do their part to assist Earth and Mankind in their ascension.

Lightworker is a term given to those who are actively on the spiritual path or the ascension path (the spiritual path leads up to the 4th initiation – the ascension path is from the 5th initiation until the completion of planetary ascension) - more info click on the 'About Ascension' link at the top of the website. Not all Lightworkers are starseeds or walk-ins and not all starseeds and walk-ins are Lightworkers. It is when the individual makes the conscious choice to begin their spiritual path and assist others that they become a Lightworker.

Lightworker is also a term that can be used to describe the Etheric Sirian and Orion Human soul group. This group was the remnant of Lyran humans that survived the First Great Galactic War. For more information read the ‘Galactic History’ page on this website. These beings frequently visit our planet in etheric lightbodies for the purposes of guiding our evolution as elder brothers and sisters, they also frequently incarnate here to assist the local spiritual hierarchy in the evolution of out Beloved Earth.

This really explains why many of you suddenly changed so dramatically when you suddenly awoke feeling quite differently. For most of you your awakening was either a Starseed activation or a walk-in. If just prior to your awakening you have memory of not wanting to live anymore then you are probably a walk-in. Sudden, almost overnight awakening with no prior suicidal feelings or near death experience usually means a Starseed Activation.

We must all strive to embody Spiritual mastery on a Spiritual, psychological and physical/ earthly level. What most people and lightworkers do not realise is that there are three distinct levels to God Realisation. There is a Spiritual level, a psychological level, and a physical-earthly level! To achieve true God Realisation, all three levels must be equally mastered! Another way of saying this is that there are "Four Faces of GOD!" There is a Spiritual Face, a Mental Face, an Emotional Face and a Material Face! To truly realise God, all four must be equally mastered, loved, honored, sanctified, integrated and balanced.

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