Blossom Goodchild`s channellings on Nov. 8th and 9th

6. NOV 8.

Good morning to you. My my, how different this all is these days. I guess the main factor is that SO many people desire SO many answers from you about all sorts of things. Before you asked me to put the message out and before the ‘Big Day’ it just wasn’t that way for us. I would just sit and see what came through. And what came through was what came through. The ‘demand’ has changed things whether I like it or not.

YIPEE! Within that moment of writing I had a revelation. I am going back to ‘The way it used to be”. That’s how it worked for me … and you … without the pressure. You are either there or you are not. If you want to say something you will. If you don’t you won’t. That sits so well for me. And it is SO easy to get caught up in what other people want as opposed to what ‘we’ want. So … here we are … no questions, just back to the old days and some good old fashioned repartee!!

Dearest Lady. It is correct for us to say that the continual barrage of negativity that is aimed at you at this time is somewhat surprising to us. Is it not that these souls who do not appear to understand The Truth of your proposal live in fear of facing their immediate situation of themselves? There is balance in all things and yet now and then the sea saw is laden one end, more so than the other. We ask only that within your heart you keep the Trust that you have nurtured and allow us to assist when it seems that the end that is weighing you down is heavier than anticipated.

With respect to those who have an abundance of queries regarding future strategies and attempts of freedom to the spirit, may we offer these words to you? Within each one lies the answers to the questions you ask. This may not be understood and yet we say it is of Truth. If you did not search inside of the soul self for these answers then very little would be accomplished. For is it not known by you that we all have all knowledge within. Yes, there are certain equalities of answers from outer transcriptions, but ultimately they are words and how is one to know which of these words are valid and which are not?Yes, you know what we are to say if you have been following the direction in which we have been pointing. It is within THE HEART that the answers will tell each individual what is what. And yes, what is what for one may not be what it is for another. It depends greatly on where one is on their journey. Therefore, do not discredit any one thing, for although it may not be what is what for you, it may very well be the absolute Truth for another at that particular time.In the density of your earth plane you cannot know all answers from the perspective of understanding the workings of each and every universe and indeed where and how that universe may be situated and why. However, what we have been advising for each one is to retreat/return INTO/ INSIDE the self. Here there is understanding of all things. How many of you are prepared to look within? Many of you may say ‘oh yes… I am a meditator’. But many of you also believe that by sending out pennies to a certain cause that you are enlightened and doing a good job.

Sorry, you’ve lost me a bit there … or have I lost you ?

There are still so many it seems that reside on your planet that need to feed their ego. They NEED to be SEEN TO BE a do gooder. Outward appearances our imperative to many. When it is understood that inward appearance is the key, then and only then will there be a change in the global outward appearance. For what is born within can then become apparent without.

Yes, but …. Oh guys, do you know what … no matter how hard I try my head space is very much aware that many people are going to read this. .Many people are 'waiting' to read this … and you know what … I’m just not in the right space. Before … I would just leave it … so in order to keep True to myself that is what I must do. The flow is sort of there and sort of not. I think it’s more 'me' than anything else. Got out of bed on the wrong side and experiencing an extremely bad hair day. Hardly the right frame of mind to be connecting up with Light beings such as your good selves who probably don’t have any hair!!

We accept your position and agree it would be more poignant to resume at a more ‘energetic’ time. One thing we would like to close with

Oh please … anything …

Each individual soul is part of the whole, and this is becoming more widely known. Therefore , we would ask you to think about the possibility that …

Yes????? What ??? You surely can’t leave it like that! …. Oh NO! I know your next sentence. …

That is exactly where we choose to leave it !

All is as should be. Golden Rays . Golden Rays. Golden Rays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.(had doubts about posting this. Guess I"m feeling a little vulnerable It is as it is. I am as I am )

7. NOV 9th

Ok …here I am …. Are you about?… wondered if you may start by finishing the sentence you left us dribbling over yesterday … yes I have a bib, but can’t remember where I last put it! And clearly my hair is looking fab, as you can sense!!

Dearest one … Let us get immediately to the point then shall we? We asked that you all begin to accept that the one individual is part of the ONE that is the whole. When this can be understood it makes plans so much simpler. There are words that have been issued as in “do unto others as you would have be done unto yourselves’. This is exactly what we ask of you. In what way would you desire to be thought of? Desire to be treated in the manner of? We ask for an experiment to be underway. For a certain amount of time every day imagine another to be you. As if that other is thinking and feeling AS YOU! Just for a short time. How does that appeal? How do you appeal to yourself? There is also a double entendre within this, in that it is allowing you to take some time to send Love to yourself. How often does one give the self that gift? Always busy … far too busy. Often too busy for others let alone the self. This world in which you reside dear friends was not designed to be run by a circular instrument with two dials that dictate when you may or may not do something. This world was designed for your liberty. To create what your inner being had the power to create. The freedom of choice factor is entirely up to you . How do you wish to create your days? How would it seem if you just stopped for a time to assess IT ALL? Where is your position in all of this conundrum? What is it you are seeking to find? How will you conduct your days ahead? Are you happy with the ones you live in now? Or would you chose differently if you KNEW you HAD THE POWER TO CHANGE IT?

Well, we say this to you…. YOU DO! SO CHANGE IT! Change it from this world that we observe that is very strange to our way of thinking … but perhaps this is just that we see differently from you. But we have discussed in councils as to the way forward and we perceive that as a whole as part of this ONENESS, it is not how one would wish to continue.

It is up to you dearest ones. We cannot change it for you. We can offer assistance but ultimately it is your move. Will you consider wisely or merely leap into the bold beyond without consulting the self and its desires?

It is essential if you wish to behold the beauty in which you KNOW to be TRUTH for you to conquer all that is no longer serving your planet. There is much now in these following days that shall be revealed in a manner that shall surprise even those who feel they will not be surprised. As we continue forth into the new world … the new wave of Love … for indeed in your eyes it is of newness … it shall be seen to be believed.

What shall be seen to be believed?

All that one does not believe.


Yes all.

Dear lady, for many of you … what is to come will simply be accepted by the soul for it is KNOWN by the soul. So it is not that it is ‘new’ in one sense. Everything is known by the soul and as we move into the Higher vibration the soul shall be able to recall matters and ‘things’ that have been buried for millennia.

We would say that as you move forward you are indeed moving BACK into the beginning that has no end.

Live your lives as if indulging in your favourite dreams. BE the life that you came down here to BE. Let nothing that is not you try to tell you that it is. And what is you???

EVERYTHING! Everything that you are! And what are you?

LOVE. And what is LOVE?

EVERYTHING! and what is everything ?


Yep yep, got it … with all respect.

But have you? You yourself Blossom say you know of this which we speak and yet we would say there are very few that understand on a level that is able to present itself in its fullness. To the degree that it should be allowed to present itself.

Please understand I wasn’t meaning to be facicious… faceeshus …. Fassetius …fasesh ….. cocky!!!

We know your heart Blossom. All is well.

For indeed, if everyone KNEW they were nothing but this LOVE, there would be NO NEED for any change around you and yet we see that there is need for great change.This is why we come. This is why we have always said we will come. To help you understand about LOVE. For if you only understand LOVE in its kindergarten format, how can you create this world that the depths of your hearts are yearning for?

May we add that even those in the darkest places are yearning for that world ... for that is the creation that was designed in the first place. That LOVE is the home from which you all came. That LOVE must be transformed BACK into its original fullness. That energy of LOVE is ALL there is. Whether you are able to convince yourselves of this or not does not matter at this point in the proceedings. What does matter at this point is that you UNDERSTAND that through LOVE in what ever way it is presenting itself at this moment …. One CAN and WILL transform this planet earth BACK into the glory of its former reality … if this is what your RACE desires. And we KNOW, that your race desires this for we are from a time where there is no circular dial to conform us, but there is a space in which we reside that allows us to KNOW that the GOLDEN RACE we spoke of is you … each one of you … IT IS DONE!

Mmm! no worries with communication links today then. Thanks chaps. Made me laugh as it was flowing through. YOU asking US all those questions…. Touché! I feel that is your lot for now. I know we shall resume at the most perfect moment. LOVES YA!!

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