Federation of Light - New Channeling on Nov 15th

9. Nov 15th.

Another week has flown by. This ‘Quickening’ as we move into 2012 is getting even quicker! Life moves on down here, each of us on our individual journey, many sending thoughts to you and the gang … so from a collective prospective … how’s things going for you?

Very bright indeed. If you were able to conceive the change in Light upon your planet over the last months you would all know that what you are doing and experiencing is taking its direction directly on course. There is a change in frequency and colour now. Many of you can feel this within yourselves. Those that are struggling with their Truth are sadly having to struggle even more, for there is a knotting with inside them as the TRUTH desires to be brought out and for them to let go of their ‘baggage’ as you call it. Send Love to these souls that are in anguish. You all have the power to assist them.

Rapidly now intervention is aligning itself with affairs that were not of the greatest good. We are aware that many of you would like ‘more specifics’ and yet we say that those specifics are not for us to divulge at this stage. They are too involved and many of you would question the credibility of which we speak. It is difficult … as we are learning … when mixing with worlds. Indeed this is our plan. This is what we are working towards. And yet, there are many ‘pitfalls’ that we had not accounted for. As yourselves, we are interested in the unfolding of events. We cannot ‘predict’ your future as many assume we can. We can only ‘go with the flow’ of the vibration that is resonating with you/us and your planet at any given time. We have instruments that conduct frequency panels (?) …. You question Blossom, and yes this is the word we wish to use.

OK … sorry to break the flow.

It may surprise you how irregular these frequencies can be at times. This is because at this time there is SO MUCH change going on for you down there! A HUGE SHIFT is in progress. Many of you have experienced individual shifts for a long time now and have understood what is taking place on an individual scale. THIS SHIFT IS VERY DIFFERENT. It is one of the biggest your earth plane has experienced. And when you can look back at certain dates and see obvious shifts and how large they were , imagine then … that when we speak of this being one of the biggest , just exactly how huge that is.

Dear friends, we are accepting that many of you find it hard to fully understand what we say. We have said before that it is almost impossible to ‘dictate’ to you how things are from where we are … and to try and infiltrate this knowledge into a place within yourselves ...that you are … in your vibration ...can cause much misinterpretation. Again, in LOVE, we ask you to TRUST. We ask nothing more from you than this, as you go about your daily maneuvers.

How many of you are feeling this change, this shift within yourselves and the whole? We say to you … millions … yes! And so therefore, visualize millions of you all at the same time experiencing this ‘lift’ within the soul. This ‘change’ from within… radiating out. How wondrous this is for all. For ONE!

Enter the three musketeers!! Sorry, maybe inappropriate, but couldn’t resist!

This is why from our side of things we are ecstatic …

Sorry, got to interrupt again to say, that I can feel this ecstaticness coming from you, and its making me laugh! In a nice way of course. It just makes me want to Love. (When reading this back I realized I put Love instead of Laugh, but on reflection, both words suffice!) What a lovely vibration to be sitting in, I can tell you!

We are of this disposition because it proves to us that all is indeed going according to plan.

FEEL for yourselves what WE are FEELING.

Stop for a moment and FEEL what YOU are FEELING.

We are hopefully sending an energy through with these words that will assist you in picking up this excitement.

Eh? Just curious … how can you do that? These are just words on paper … not saying you can’t, just wondering the ‘how’.

Dear lady, as you know all things are of energy. ALL things. For that is what “Life’ consists of. Therefore EVERYTHING carries an energy within it … through it … like its DNA if you like. As we send these words through to you, we send them on a frequency that can resonate within the soul self for this is the place where all connection is made. It is the SOURCE. Therefore, I feel we need explain no more for the explanation is apparent.

We wish to say here regarding ‘The Oct 14th message’. It carried within it codes and frequencies that many had been waiting to receive ... It was agreed they would receive the code in this way before they arrived on your planet. So, as in the same way that you had been assigned to ‘send out the message', it was in place at that exact time for millions …. Yes … millions of you to receive it on the soul level in order for a great ‘shift’ to take place.

Preordained is the word we offer. Of course, as with all things due to freedom of choice which is an unbroken rule on your planet, things could have taken a very different path had you not chosen to send the message out.

Well, as you know, it was touch and go for a few months … and I had no way of knowing that it would take off as it did… but I guess on another level of myself I must have known. The intrigue of life sure is enthralling … if you chose to look at it from that angle!!

And that is the very angle we desire all that are in human form to adhere to. ESPECIALLY in these times ahead. You have all waited for lifetime upon lifetime to experience that which you are about to witness. Allow the soul the freedom to do so in the deepest place of wisdom and LOVE that you can seek. Let go of all FEAR. For it serves not one thing. Release the bondage that has caused you to remain in a place of unsettlement and let your soul embrace the coming of the new age. THE GOLDEN AGE.

Which reminds me… someone asked me to ask you why we are to be called THE GOLDEN RACE?

Dear one… with all respect … does it not speak for itself?


As the vibration moves into the correct level, you yourselves move ‘back’ into the frequency in which you were designed to resonate.

PURE GOLDEN LIGHT. Therefore this is how you shall be known … by your TRUTH … By your LIGHT …


Back into the GOLDEN RACE from whence you came.

This is all for today dearest one. We leave you this day showered in raindrops of crystal clarity.

How nice … THANK YOU SO MUCH… not just for your beautiful words but for the ease in which they came through and the LOVING energy you brought them through with. Signing out then. xxxxx

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