The largest cropcircle ever seen

"Awe inspiring, jaw dropping, mind warping, incomprehensible, bloody huge, are a few phrases that come to mind when viewing this years (2001) "finale" formation which was discovered on top of Milk Hill in Wiltshire above the White Horse on 13th August. It's difficult to take on board the sheer scale and complexity of this formation it spans ten tram lines and if you walked from one side of the formation to the other you would have covered approaching 1500ft! Compare that to the average diameter of formations this year which is approx 200ft. There are over 400 circles incorporated into the design a record amount dwarfing all previous formation. The formation has already been variously described as "Utterly AWESOME" by american radio talk show host Jeff Rense, as the "greatest formation to form in the entire world" by crop circle researcher Stuart Dike, as "the mother and father of all crop circles" by crop circle researcher Charles Mallett, as "the pinnacle, the very epitome of perfection, the paragon of all circles" by Mark Fussell from the crop circle connector website, who goes on to say "there are not enough words in the English vocabulary to describe how amazing this crop circle is".

Everyone is saying this feat is beyond human ability. This is an unprecedented formation and definitely one for the history books and I don't think it's an overstatement to describe it as truly paradigm shifting. You can view some great aerial footage of the formation at the Here's something to ponder, if this formation was man made allowing for time to get into and out of the field under cover of darkness the construction time left should be around four hours. Given that there are over 400 circles some of which span approx 70ft in diameter that would mean that one of those circles would need to be created every 30 seconds and that's not even allowing any time for the surveying, purely flattening, this formation pushes the envelope and that's a MASSIVE understatement... my brain hurts! To give you some idea of the scale of the formation pictured right is an enlarged detail of the above photo showing just the center of the formation, we've ringed the area to indicate where someone is standing, you can barely see them, now can you see how massive the formation is!!! "
Now, that defeats any comments about crop circles being man-made, isn't it?
Photo credit: Steve Alexander.

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That circle looks oddly similar to the one from the TV series 'Threshold'.

Here's the wikipedia site for the show.

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