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President Obama and UFOs

Bill Clinton's "X-files man" to Run Obama Transition Team

John Podesta, UFOs, Energy, and Barack Obama


UFOs Welcome at the White House Now? -

Party footage on ice

Will Obama Mean UFO Change?

Podesta and the Roswell Crash

John Podesta is a real-life Mulder in search of UFOs… and cabinet

Video: OBAMA Is Asked About Life in Outer Space

Too Much Secrecy Puts Our Nation at Risk - Barack Obama's transition man speaks out.

Open Letter to Barack Obama on UFO Secrecy

Will there be disclosure of UFO files under the Obama administration?

Your Wish List for Barack Obama

UFO Conference Looks to Compel Disclosure

The UFO beat: Obama aliens stalled by Computer Problems

An Open Letter to Pres-elect Obama, from Larry W. Bryant

Kennedy/Ford UFO Letters Are Auctioned Off

Video: Obama Faces Alien Question

Will Obama Keep Transparency Promises?

Obama UFO Job?

President Obama and the UFO Spill -

Do you think Obama will disclose UFOs that our government hides ...

Barack Obama's Transition Director on UFO Disclosure - for the five people who might have missed it.

Obama-The UFO Disclosure President?

Orbs at Obama Victory Rally

Obama Transition Leader Ignores UFO Disclosure Initiative

UFO Flies Over President Elect Obama


Changing NASA's course?

UFOs Welcome at the White House Now?

Obama, Orbs, and Dimensional Disclosure

Disclosure of UFO files and the Obama Administration

Associated Press on John Podesta

EXOPOLITICS: Dimensional Disclosure in the Obama Era - More Orbs from Grant Park, Nov. 4, 2008

Obama and UFOs

Yeah Obama!

John Podesta: from Clinton's X-Files man to Obama's Transition Chief

Fox News Makes Stupid Attack on Podesta- John did not form the Coalition for freedom of Information

Obama and the Hero's Journey

Organization urges Obama to disclose truth, alien info

Obama's UFOs a No - Show

Audio :Obama, Podesta, UFO Disclosure and Energy

UFO update on Obama's UFOs

Audio: Obama, Podesta,

UFO Disclosure and Energy - The internet responds

The fierce urgency of FOIA

Don't Start making Sense

CNN to link Obama White House Transition Team Leader to UFOs

Open Letter to Barack Obama

Barack Obama UFO Site is Launched

Podesta UFO Segment Censored from CNN video

The Uncut CNN Video with Podesta included

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