Project Aurora craft...or alien craft?

Is this video a human-made craft....or an alien craft??

One of the most shadowy of the U.S. Air Force's secret projects is the craft known only by the code name "Aurora." Rumor has it the ultra high speed plane (said by some to be capable of Mach 6) is the next generation of high altitude reconnaissance aircraft, replacing aging U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird planes. The Aurora project was supposedly canceled.....

Project Aurora Captured


Anonymous said...

Great footage, is this real though? looks like it to me.5 stars without a doubt.

Claudia said...

It seems very real to me as well, and this triangular-type craft have been seen in many different regions of the world. You can Google or Youtube "triangular shape UFO", you will find TONS of videos....I just posted one of them.

Thanks for reading.


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