The Reintroduction of Multidimensional People - are we ready?

I am interested to know what all of you think about what he said....please comment.

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Unknown said...

i agree with this guy i have discovered by entense research that what he is saying is true. I know quite a bit about science, and was very religious at one point in my life. but there are so many lies intertwined into both science and religion that it is hard to see through to the truth. There i a new movie or documentary from ben stein called " expelled no intellegence allowed" it just came out and it is about the new discoveries in science related to intellegent design in life, proof we were created by something, and that dariwnism is true in some aspects but never explains how life came to be matter of fact no body on earth really knows but darwin has so many holes in his theory it will never hold water. the truth that all real scientist are discovering is that we wre created we are the product of intellegent design. many many professors have lost there jobs by simply mentioning intellegent design what are they trying to hide from us the truth maybe.

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