Stan Romanek alien video, what's the latest?

Stan Romanek claims to have set up his video camera on his kitchen and managed to record an alien peeking through the window. It moves its head, mouth, cheeks, and blinks. After researching a bit, I found out that the full video footage has not been released yet, and you can see the fake video here . Stan supposedly revealed only one frame of his real footage, and you can see it on the left.

The videos below show Stan's interview on CNN and Fox. Apart from the skeptic jokes and hoax videos, and from the fact that Stan is selling a book and making a documentary with the original video.....does it look real? If it's a fake, why a documentary? It wouldn't sell much, would it? it just makes me let's discuss about it.

Here are some comments and picture analysis from users at

On Stan's website ( there seems to be no info on when, and if, the DVD will be released. The original footage happened in 1993 when he lived in Nebraska. I found a video that claims to be a "leak" of part of the original video but I am not sure if it's accurate. If you know any new information about this case please share it with us and I will post an update.

Larry King interview:
Part 1

Part 2

Fox News interview:

This is supposedly the "leak" of the original video (not sure if it's accurate, but here goes):

Here's an article on with a description of what actually happened on the original video:


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I hear the book is comming out May 2009.

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