UFOs are here. All you need to see them is an infrared camera.


Simone said...

Hi Claudia, I like your site, lots of great stuff.

But why do you have a link to The Last Paradigm?

Claudia said...

Hi Simone, thanks for your comment! I have a lot of fun myself putting the blog together. The fact that it is ad-free has brought a lot of attention from people on the same idea of sharing information, and thats exactly why I blog. NOT to make money, but to learn from the whole thing, together. (a beautiful concept, that actually works!)

Because its all about sharing, I believe everyone should be open to all avenues of information. I always thought that criticism can be beneficial if you take advantage of it by learning from it. Information is power, and we need that power, to be better, to understand whats going on. To move ahead.

Now...lets not confuse criticism with plain old stubbornness....for there is nothing to learn from that, and we should simply ignore it and move forward.

I am open for everyone's comments on this issue as well, like everything else on this blog.

Thanks again


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