Ancient Extraterrestrials

This thread serves to summarize the "Ancient Astronaut Theory" (AAT), also called the "Paleocontact Theory" by scientists such as Carl Sagan.
It will also examine objections against the theory and rebuttals of those objections.

Images Posted in this Opening: Some Depictions that are popular within AAT Circles

AAT say that earth has been visited by ETs and/or technologically superior humans in very ancient times and that these events have been recorded as encounters with "Gods", "Flying Chariots", "Wars of Worlds" in ancient mythologies, legends and religions.

The general publics resistance against the Ancient Astronaut Theory derives from the fact that it appears to contradict two very fundamental pillars of societies belief-systems:

* Religious Creationism
* Darwinist Evolution Theory

As I will show in other posts, it does not actually contradict Creationism or Evolution, but as it appears to it is met with resistance and an ongoing smear-campaign perpetuated by certain circles (I will go into this later in the thread).

It will however require us to rewrite large portions of our textbooks on religion and history...and this is why its emergence into the mainstream is moving along very slowly.

AAT is not the same by every researcher. Zecharia Sitchin (originator of the theories surrounding the Sumerian Annunaki) for example believes we were not only visited by extraterrestrials but actually created by them. Others say we were only ocassionally visited by ETs throughout history.

Another theory, that is almost unknown, even among UFOlogists is the "Mimicry-Theory" which proposes an intelligence that shows up in different forms basically "posing" according to the general belief-systems of the time. We will examine this too.

The best work on AAT today is, in my personal opinion, published by the Swiss "Ancient Astronaut Society" which unites hundreds of scientists and researchers presenting their latest findings in journals. Many of these do not make it to the bookstore although they contain true gems of AAT. Some scientists do not want them to become too popular as not to diminish their reputation in academic circles.

Some of the evidence AA-Theorists use, which we will be examining in this Thread:

1. The similarity of ancient accounts, mythologies, cults and religions from all around the world, all basically describing "Gods" that flew around, performed technical "miracles", created things, destroyed them, taught humans skills, etc. In AAT we propose that our ancestors were describing technological events they didnt have the right vocabulary for. So saying "flames came out of the flying serpent" could very well be the description of an aircraft...for example.

A good example of Global Correlation in regards to a "Goddess" I posted a while ago in this thread:

Tara - Extraterrestrial Goddess

In that thread we could see Goddess "Tara" showing up in Buddhism, Hinduism, with the Druids, the Cheyenne of America, South America and Polynesia.

2. Out-of-place & Out-of-time Artifacts: These are archaeological findings that contradict the conventional doctrine of ancient history and/or hint at more superior knowledge of the ancients. The book "Forbidden Archaeology" by Michael Cremo is an example of a researcher focussing on OOPA (out-of-place-artifacts).

3. Cargo-Cults: Indigenous tribes that had supposedly never been in contract with our civilization were known to mistake sailors and discoverers for “returning Gods”. This points out that these tribes had probably been visited by such “advanced Gods” at an earlier date.

4. De-Evolution. Some cultures display evidence of De-Evolution rather than progress-over-time. The best example is ancient Egypt which is known to have started at its height and descended from dynasty to dynasty instead of developing. The more mediocre the Pyramids are, the later they were found to be built! This indicates a higher level of technology in earlier times than we even have records for.

5. The Missing Evolutionary Link: AAT can provide the so-called “missing link” in Evolution-Theory. While much of Evolution Theory can be proven and demonstrated, some things are unexplained, for example just where intelligence suddenly came from. According to AAT evolution could have been influenced from outside sources, such as extraterrestrials. While this doesn’t solve the problem of where ETs got their intelligence, some scientists do believe they have found evidence for different types of “interference” within our evolutionary history.

6. The Missing Link between scientific evolution theory and religious creationism: For Science there are no Gods and for Religion the Gods were something unexplainable or almighty. AAT closes the gap between Science and Religion by saying, yes the Gods existed, but no, they are not what you think. Unfortunately neither Science nor Religion will welcome the obvious with open arms. It should be obvious to all but the mentally challenged that there can also be a Supreme Being ("Almighty God") in a Universe full of extraterrestrials and that the existence of extraterrestrials does not contradict evolution-theory in any way.

7. Mythological Accounts turning out to be true. This is where it gets interesting. One example: In my Thread The Rainbow Serpents it was shown that some of the very ancient Mythology of the Australian Aborigines concerning geological data of the way places looked ten-thousands of years ago was verified by scientists.
Therefore: Who are we to dismiss their accounts as "fiction" (which is already implied by calling their historical accounts "Mythology").

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