Federation of Light - New Channeling on Dec. 6th

15. Dec 6th.

Hello to you up there. Got anything to say to us earthlings down here on this fine morning?

We would say ‘The obvious’. In that it is nearing a time upon your planet that you have named Christmas. You celebrate a time of good cheer and Loving Values towards one another. You extend friendships that have been hidden under a blanket for the rest of the year. You write a card it seems and TRUST that will do the service that is intended of keeping in touch with those who’s paths you have crossed along your journey. Of course, we do not underestimate the power of Love that is sent out during this time, for indeed it assists your planet greatly. We feel a little ‘held back’ because we do not wish to deplete these wishes of kindness and giving … this is why we say … THE OBVIOUS! ... For each one of you knows that this time is as your whole time should be. We have observed that although the intention is of ‘good cheer’ that many are indeed raising the stress vibration and this counteracts the Love vibration. May we say politely … do you think from our position that we view this time of yours as ‘gracious’? In general terms? What would happen to your earth if this celebration were to be abolished?

Whoa … steady Neddy! Many would be appalled by what you have just said.

And which of those would you say would feel that way?

Those who’s religious beliefs BELIEVE in Christmas .

And for those who"s don’t?

No big deal I guess. A bit of a tricky subject … and yet I know what your purpose of it is …

Indeed. For it is to do with the intent… the very nature of the celebration. And we have deciphered that many in your ‘cultured positions’ choose to indulge in niceties that have nothing to do with the actual reason for the celebration.

Again … I’m with you all the way … your preaching to the already converted. For me , I feel Christmas has become a farce. And I choose to say no more than that.

Then we would say this … to all who read of these words of which we offer. To a world within which you reside we would say … CHANGE! CHANGE your Christmas reasoning. CHANGE the reason for your VERY EXSISTENCE.


How many of you really know why you are here? It seems to us that you invent scenarios to play out games that are of NO VALUE to your actual purpose on your earth plane. These scenarios do not benefit yourselves or anybody else …. OR your planet.
And yet you continue to spin around on a Ferris wheel of pointlessness.

Are you generalizing? … Not all of us folk are like this …. Are not there more and more Light workers on the planet who are waking up and doing the exact opposite of what you are saying?

To a certain degree. And please accept that given the formation of the matrix that you are within, we understand that it is a different form of dwelling from that in which we dwell , and therefore we are not able to understand ‘FULLY’ that which you upon earth must undergo.

Forgive me … but I have understood you to be very Enlightened Beings … I would have thought that you WOULD know of such things and understand them.

Being aware of certain matters is not quite the same as experiencing them for the self, do you see?

Yes, I get that.

There are many things that we observe and although this means we KNOW of them, it does not mean that we grasp the point of them.

Tell me about it!!!

You see dear ones … We fully acknowledge our position within the grand scheme of things at this given moment. We proceed with our ‘callings’ and take them to the limits of possibilities … In the KNOWING that our purpose is to bring you of earth into your next phase. This we have been committed to. This we shall steadfastly adhere to. This mission of ours. This mission of yours. We each have our part to play. Just as you Blossom have your role in all of this.

And many like me … I am aware of the changes within myself … and indeed those around me and those who contact me to let YOU know of the change within … It has come to be known as THE ACSENSION I believe. Can you tell us more about all this … if it is appropriate?

As you look around your planet, as you observe through your computers, you do … in a fashion … exactly what we do. You observe what is talking place upon it. You learn of good things and you become aware of the not so good. Each and every one of you as an individual is responsible for your own Ascension. You cannot simply hope that you will be taken along with the tide … it is not like this. For you cannot move into a vibration unless the entirety of yourself as a soul sphere (?) is able to sit comfortably in that new place. It simply does not work in a way that would allow this to beTherefore …. This is why we are asking those of you who ARE aware to assist. This is why you are here. Not just for yourselves, but for your world as a whole. As a ONENESS. It is essential for those in the KNOW to liberate those who are not yet able to understand this movement into Higher Realms. It is interesting to us, that some have slipped away from reading our words, for they are not to do with what you in your world express as UFO’s and all the phenomena that goes with it. And yet …. What theses souls do not understand is that these words of LOVE that we offer is exactly what all this UFO phenomena is about!!!! So many of you want to see for yourselves … these wondrous ships in your skies … to PROOVE to yourself that there is more … more to your earthly existence than just that of the goings on upon your planet. You need the proof. This is what you desire. And yet, what many of you cease to understand, is that until there are a certain amount of souls that can ‘anchor’ our vibration we cannot present ourselves on a continual basis. Yet we know that more and more are Ascending. This is not to be confused with the actual ASCENSION … which is in preparation at all times as you move forward.

So, the Oct 14th appearance that didn’t appear? You have explained in latter days that those down here would have caused much destruction if you had revealed yourself and therefore you made the decision to abort … for now… and yet … were there enough of us who were of the correct vibe to allow your appearance to happen and anchor you ?

Initially. For the first “WOW”! Yes indeed. And yet we were also aware of matters that derived during those months prior to Oct 14th that were of a fearful nature regarding economic crisis etc that were creating mass fear within those who were already so fearful. Many things are now in place that were not before. The wise Energy that you know as White Cloud has taught many that there is reason in ALL things and that ALL IS AS SHOULD BE. We say to you that when we say ‘Hello’ … when we stream down into your atmosphere with a GLOW that Brightens the entire planet … that it will be understood by all that indeed this BELOVED Energy is indeed ALL KNOWING.

I can feel you wanting me to ask this … so I’ll go along with you … This feeling I have of ‘KNOWING’ you will present yourself as you have promised … why do I (of all people) also feel like … ‘whatever .. if you do you do, if you don’t you don’t’… Is this because I am … dare I use the word … ' afraid' of the same outcome as last time? … Disappointment? … So in a sense,I just allow all things to unfold and simply get on with life? And yet, if that is the case … why do I still sit here and do these channellings with you … I mean where is it all leading ?

It is leading you into The Ascension. It is leading you into a place that will show that who we are and what are intentions have always been will come to fruition and that we would not desert you after all you have done. We would not allow a soul of any caliber to serve us in the way you have, only to be throttled (?) and left to deal with the aftermath. Do you think this would be so?

It really is ok. Truly. I have dealt with what I had to deal with, and I believe I am a stronger person for it. And besides it wasn’t just me! Many put themselves on the line within their surroundings and within their friend and family circles and had to deal with the same ‘humiliation’. People say to me … ‘weren’t you just al little angry with the federation?’… To which I say …‘Not really. It was more confusion and questioning of Trust etc etc’. You see, as you know, I can FEEL your LOVE; therefore I continue to communicate with you in this way. Where it leads I have no idea, and really it isn’t about ‘validating ME’. It is about our world and making it better … and somehow… we all know you are not coming to save us … but … if you were to show … I think it would help us so much… It would change things … but I guess when you are ready you are ready. And I cannot deny that 'SOMETHING' … whatever that 'SOMETHING' is … FEELS/KNOWS that one day you will present your ship to us, and a ray of LIGHT LOVE AND HOPE will shine down … and those of us who KNEW of this in the core of our Beings will fall to our knees in wonderment.

Your world is changing and we are effervescing with the progress that is taking place due to each one of you changing. Each one shall find their place in this New World. Each one has the choice to be part of it. We say to you before we part this day …

BELOVED ONES …. There is a LOVE that is to enter into your Beings that is the TRUTH of your soul. It is the recognition of yourself as you are in your LIGHTNESS.

YOUR LIGHTBODY. THIS IS YOUR ASCENSION. Returning into your LIGHTBODY. As you radiate LOVE so shall you Ascend. This is so.

Many thanks. Swords of Light to the skies… always!! Golden Rays!

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