MUST READ! - Secret UFO meeting at the United Nations!

Source Reveals Secret UFO Meeting at U.N.
by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D
Feb. 12, 2008

I received the following email from two trusted colleagues (Clay and Shawn Pickering) regarding a reliable source informing them that a secret meeting occurred yesterday morning (Feb 12) at the New York office of the United Nations concerning the recent spate of UFO sightings. It appears that a number of nation states are concerned about the impact of increased UFO sightings and wish to be briefed about what is happening.

Their source, who currently works in the diplomatic corps, had to travel for an early
morning off the record meeting at the UN. Their source revealed that a secret UFO working group exists that is authorizing the release of such information to the public, in an effort to acclimate others to what is about to unfold.

A date of 2013 was given as the time for official disclosure and/or when extraterrestrials show up in an unambiguous way. In the interim there will be acclimation related releases of information. Importantly, the source revealed that the events leading up to official disclosure will involve more ethically oriented extraterrestrials, and they will not pose a military threat to the world.

The information below may be related to the recent debate in the Japanese parliament and statements by the Defense Minister over how Japan would respond to extraterrestrials appearing over Japanese airspace that display peaceful intent. It appears nation states are moving forward in developing public policy on how to respond to extraterrestrials showing up. So if the information below is accurate, then it is likely that we will see more examples of governments making official statements concerning how they would respond to extraterrestrials that show up over their airspace. It is likely that parliamentarians around the world will start receiving briefings to help them develop public policy concerning extraterrestrial life.

Such briefings will probably extend to prominent media sources who will give more coverage to UFO sightings in popular media outlets such as Larry King Live.
Increased media reports will first likely lead to disclosures of secret antigravity technologies that have been withheld for over 50 years, as a prelude to official disclsoure of extraterresrial life. The source's reference to suicides is probably related to those who will learn that much of what they have learned and believed over a lifetime was a lie. The 1961 Brookings Report referred to scientists as being most vulnerable to the disclosure of extraterrestrial life since it will make redundant many of the cherished scientific theories and models held by this community.

Overall, it appears that a countdown is underway to official disclosure around 2013, and that nation states and the UN are being briefed. The acclimation process will accelerate over the next five years as UFO sightings increase around the globe forcing governments to make public policy statements on UFOs and extraterrestrial life.
This email is a follow up of the UN meeting which took place Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2008 at 8:00AM. We met our source 7:00PM, Monday, February 18, 2008. Our source stated the following:

1) The meeting went well; however, our source left with a degree of frustration.
2) The meeting covered various topics. The issue of recent UFO sightings was one of many topics discussed.
3) Security around the meeting was intense.
4) Everyone was searched. Pens, pins, key chain items were collected and not allowed in the meeting room. There were multiple security checkpoints. UN security cards were confiscated upon entering the room.
5) 50 to 60 people attended. Everyone was in civilian dress, except one Russian.
6) Other countries may have had military there, but they came under their respective civilian titles.
7) UFO topic was addressed. The Russians are very paranoid about the west. Putin is not very trusting. This frustrated our source greatly. Our source believes the Russians will eventually come around; "They always come back to the table." This mistrust appears to be an ongoing issue between East & West.
8) The religious implications of contact came up during the meeting. It turned into a 20 minute debate. Our source had to reel it in and refocus the meeting. It seems that the Indians are very difficult to deal with on this issue of the religious implications regarding contact. Population is a major factor in how nation-states deal with a new paradigm. The Indian's world view has led to an unsustainable food, energy and water demand. Source stated that the world must gets its population and resource use under control. ET will help, but we must show them that we intend to live within our constraints. If we don't show some semblance of intent, they simply will not help.
9) Source said the 2013 date of official contact is wrong. That is the date when things heat up. The real date of contact is 2017. It is on this date when very large craft will appear above cities and sit. There will be NO use of force; they will just sit there. Source stated the "Independence Day" film was close, but their ships are not that big and, again, no use of force will occur. Our source cannot reveal his source for the 2017 date. His source is very high up in the government/military/intelligence structure.
10) Source stated that it is our choice how we embrace this contact.
11) The ET's who will arrive on 2017 are referred to as "The Controllers." They are a "galactic federation" type group; however, "galactic federation" is not the real name for their group--it is hypothetical name used as a reference.
12) The controllers have a keen sense of freedom and free will. They will not intervene and help humanity if humanity does not show them we want their help. If some entropic event happens (nuclear war), the controllers will not make contact. "This is something they will not tolerate," our source stated.
13) The controllers will not give us technology to expand our ability to feed ourselves if we do not recognize the necessity to stabilize our population growth. They don't want our planet's population to double because of a technological innovation seeded by them. Our source used India as an example, " India has over 1 billion people. It is clearly a country out of balance in terms of its population size."
14) A contentious moment in the meeting had to do with the religious implications of contact. It is this issue which is of most concern. Our source stated that the more secular societies will adjust more easily to contact than the fundamentalist. He stated, " The Roman Catholic countries will not have a rough time, except for the population problem; the Roman Catholics already have three Gods in one, so accepting others is not that much of a stretch. The dividing point is going to be the containment of population. The Protestant countries will deal fairly easily with contact. So will countries with indigenous religions connected to nature. The Muslim, Hindu, and fundamentalist Christian religions will have the most difficult time, possibly even the elimination of said religions; we can expect mass suicides, social unrest and upheaval. The ETs will help with re-programming and the concept of an inclusive galactic order. However, society will have to step up to the plate to assist - one on one - those people who have shattered belief systems The Chinese will have no problem because of the Buddhist and Taoist influences." Clay and Shawn Pickering

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