Barack Obama Will He rise to the challenge And become the UFO Disclosure President?

Fax On The White House

The transition is over now. Following the inauguration of President Barack Obama. We need to keep the momentum going.

The Million Fax On Washington Campaign is doing well. The UFO disclosure idea of sending letters to the transition team for inclusion in the Citizen's Briefing Book to Barack Obama isn't enough and we should keep the pressure up by :-

Writing, calling, emailing, or faxing Barack Obama at The White House about UFO disclosure.

Write to:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

Call: 1-202-456-1111
Fax: 1-202-456-2461

Lets turn "Fax On Washington" into "Fax On The White House"

Million Fax On Washington

UFO Disclosure will happen during Barack Obama's Presidency. The 60+ years of lies and denial will crumble. WE THE PEOPLE are becoming more educated on the very broad history of the UFO cover up.

UFOs have been tracked on radar, and seen by high ranking military personal, airline pilots, and law enforcement personal. Project Blue Book was a PR campaign to quell the public's interest in UFOs.

The Condon Report was bias and had a negative opinion of UFOs from the start. The U.S. Air Force paid the Condon Committee $313,000 for it's report. It was bought and paid for. The U.S. Air Force uses the conclusions of the Condon Report to this very day to justify the termination of Project Blue Book and it's lack of interest in the study of UFOs.

There are many good books you can read on the subject but don't believe everything you read, hear, or see. There are charlatans out there. After 10 years of in depth research I can say without a doubt that "some" UFOs are intelligently controlled devices and are ET in origin.

Barack Obama UFO Disclosure

Thank you to YouTube Member : polyrhythmic1

Alien bases of structure on the Moon, signs of Ancient Civilization & Intelligence life

Whats in and around this area? the crater...

Awaken From The Slumber

Thank you to YouTube Member : acura05honda04

EU space official supports UFO disclosure – says NASA can’t be trusted

Dr. Peter Creola, a retired Swiss chief delegate at the European Space Agency (ESA) and head of the Swiss office for space policies, has joined forces with those who demand the truth about UFOs. ESA is the European version of NASA. On the topic of disclosing the truth about UFOs, Dr. Creola said “…you cannot unconditionally trust (NASA).” Denver UFO Examiner - Did UK hacker Gary McKinnon find NASA UFO fraud?

Robert Fleischer, Coordinator of Exopolitics Germany praised Dr. Creola by stating “There are not many European high officials who dare to step forward when it comes to the reality of the UFO phenomenon… As chairman of the ‘Ariane Programme Board’, he played a key role in launching the first European carrier missile ‘Ariane’ and has been involved in numerous key projects of ESA.”
To read the full story please visit : Denver UFO Examiner - EU space official supports UFO disclosure - says NASA can't be trusted

Please Help Our Campaign For Disclosure

Why not become active and support the Disclosure Project in any way you can keep those Letters, faxes emails going guys yes we know the Million Fax Campaign has closed but we need to keep the presure up. Consider joining in the movement by supporting the many websites/blogs, take part in chat rooms, comment on the posts that are on here and on all our fellow ufo sites speaking for Webe we welcome your input. Do you run a UFO website/blog why not consider an alliance by joining the UFOWS Group Full Disclosure is possible.

Further if you are a member of the Blogcatalog.

Why not consider joining the Ufology Group.

(Please note this is a proposed logo for the group)

Flyboysg1 and The Webe Team

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