British Royal Family Intrigued by UFOs and Crop Circles

Details of the British Royal Family's interest in the crop circle have been asked to be removed from Colin Andrews website. On his site he states that their interest was aroused because crop circles appeared on their land.

Colin Andrews book 'Circular Evidence' was on the Queen's Summer Reading list in 1989 and the HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh subscribed to his Circles Phenomenon Research Newsletter. Colin was also asked by The Duke to keep him up-to-date with his research.

Colin also states that the British People have been continually lied to regarding the Royal Family's interest in UFOs. Colin thinks it's about time the British Public is told the truth about this matter.

Former head of the Ministry of Defence UFO Department Nick Pope, replies that:

"Some of the issues Colin highlights have arisen because the line between official and private interest - even within government, the military and the intelligence agencies - can be blurred. There are particular sensitivities and political difficulties when members of the Royal Family are involved.

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