Close friend of mine wakes up with STRANGE markings on her back.

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This information is from a close friend of mine, and not an excerpt from another blog or website.

She woke up one morning with these markings on her back across her spine.
It's been a few days now and the markings are still there. They don't itch, or bleed.
She also says she feels strange, and that whatever thoughts she has, they actually end up happening.

She also said that on that same night, she had a dream with an old boyfriend. And that he supposedly had a 'triangle" in his iris and she always "joked" that he was an "ET" ( but never took it too seriously).

When she woke up that day, the markings were on her back.

Any information regarding this would be greatly appreciated, as she is very concerned.

I will come back with more details as they unfold.

Thank you.



Claudia said...

Just a note: no she didnt scratch anywhere, or leaned against a metal fence or anything. She went to bed, this wasn't there, she woke up, it was there. Simple as that.

Chris said...

wooow. this is quite remarkable. Maybe this is a sign of her awakening? sounds like she made a higher level of contact wile asleep, and is possible she may have received power or abilities from this contact.
I would not worry as it is more than likely a very positive thing. She may have become a master of abundance over night?
I would recommend putting this forward on saviors of earth, see what the people there have to say :)
look forward to updates.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to my uncle. Same markinfs==gs and everything only in one secluded area on the upper left side of his back. almost in a circle. But he said that he actually saw the aliens in the room. They were little and they got onto the bed and then he just passed out. The next morning he awoke with the markings.

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