Knock Out UFOs

It was claimed last night, the RAF pilots have tried to BLAST UFOs out of the sky under a top secret Government directive.

Former Ministry of Defence worker Nick Pope who had been working for them for 21 years including three years at the UFO desk, revealed the rules of engagement for the first time. He claimed that RAF pilots had fired on UFOs on several occasions, but had failed to bring them down.

He added "We know of cases where the order has been given to shoot down — with little effect to the UFO."

Nick Pope said "the Rules of engagement were drawn up after dozens of close encounters with suspect craft in British Airspace."

RAF attacks on UFOs were "not automatic but happen when something in our airspace is deemed to be a threat. The orders had been issued under the highly classified directive since the early 1980s".

He also claimed credible UFO witness statements had come from dozens of near misses with the planes, police helicopters and RAF jets in recent years.

The MoD did not comment!

To read the complete story, please visit : The Sun

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UPDATE: Nick Pope was live on Fox News yesterday talking about the same issue, watch the video below:

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