USO's-Unidentified Submersible ufo's VS Global Earth Warships -WORLD SHIPPING HALTED AS 'EARTH' FIGHTS USO/ALIENS IN GULF OF ADEN-

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…Is a COVER story being used here? On the 'Pretext' of protecting 'Shipping' from Middle-Eastern PIRATES…the excuse cited in the world's MEDIA…are the World's Navies converging on 'The Gulf Of Aden' really engaged in a Covert War against 'Under Sea Alien Bases', and 'their' Crafts/technologies? OK…why else would the Navies of 'friends and foes' alike band together to head for this area of the world? The Navies include: The United States, Iran, China, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, The European Union, and India. Also keep in mind…that the 'Chinese Navy' has NEVER left it's 'seat' in her own home waters.

**Is it also 'mere coincidence…that the The Hawaiian Island of Oahu is without electricity/power. Or…was it a 'Watcher' Attack On Hawaii which left the Obama Forces Stunned?! Obama is 'vacationing' there.

The island of Oahu has lost power, leaving some 800,000 residents and thousands of tourists in the dark and grounding outgoing air traffic at Honolulu International Airport. The island lost power late Friday in the midst of heavy rain and lightning. A spokesman for Hawaiian Electric Light says it will be at least 12 hours to get power back.

This attack upon Obama, these reports continue, was in response to the American President-Elects attempt to leave Hawaii on an 'emergency' journey to Iraq where US Military Forces are in control of what is described as the 'last remaining' Stargate….located in the ancient Iraqi city of Babylon. The 'MEDIA' was just about to release a report entitled 'Obama Rushed To Middle East After 'Watchers' Issue Dire Threat To Mankind'…before 'The Black out'…and he being unable to 'fly' due to the Airport being shut down.

Mayor Mufi Hannemann says he's received word from police that Barack Obama is okay. The president-elect is at a private residence on the east side of the island. It's not clear if the house has a generator.

OK folks…put all this in your 'Pipes'…and smoke it out. What's happening here?/'S'

***MUST READ…below, the attempted suicide of the 1st Woman French Astronaut…as she tried to WARN the world of what's going on here! WE here…Know that USO's Account for More than half of all the UFO's reported around the Globe. These are most likely 'Undersea Alien Residents on Earth'. These 'Particular' ET's…or actual Earth Residents-are referred to as 'THE WATCHERS'…Have had a confrontation already with a U.S. Submarine a few years back. Read below about that as well. Kid you not/'S'

Current news from this region are, also, appearing to show that hostilities have already begun between our Earth's 'Defense Forces' and the Watchers as like the United States last attempt to attack these 'aliens' by themselves this past January has, once again, resulted in massive cuts by the Watchers to the many undersea communication cables laying upon the seafloors of this region which have now isolated large parts of the Middle East and the sub-continent."

"To the worst fears confronting our Earth's Defense Forces, these reports continue, is a repeat of the catastrophic events that occurred on December 26, 2004, when the American nuclear attack submarine USS San Francisco attempted to launch an attack against an undersea Watcher base in the Indian Ocean causing these 'aliens' to retaliate by raising the sea floor over 100 meters which the USS San Francisco than slammed into but which also launched the cataclysmic tsunami which killed over 250,000 and whose earthquake, latterly, changed the orbit of our entire Planet.

'The Earth Defense Forces in an apparent bid to mitigate any further such retaliations against them have ordered a near halt to shipping on all of our World's oceans, and which has been confirmed by the reports issued on the Baltic Exchange Dry Index which shows that Global shipping is now grinding to a near halt as over 93% of all cargo ships have been recalled to their ports."

It is important to note too that the Marshall Islands have now declared a State of Emergency after their island nation was nearly destroyed after being hit by the cataclysmic waves said to have been caused by one of the Watchers massive undersea bases 'launching' itself skyward prior to being attacked by our Earth's Defense Forces.

Most ominously…in these reports is one assessment by Russian Intelligence Analysts who state that it is 'only a matter of time' before…these 'Watchers' launch a catastrophic attack upon one of Earth's most populated coastal areas that could kill hundreds of thousands'.

CLAUDIE HAIGNERE-1st woman/French Astronaut: …Screams 'The Earth Must Be Warned'…before her Suicide attempt…

The renowned scientist and France's first female astronaut Claudie Haigneré had to be 'forcefully restrained' after screaming 'Earth Must Be Warned'…prior to her falling into a coma from a reported overdose of sleeping pills in an apparent attempt at suicide.

It is also IMPORTANT…to note the timing of Dr. Haigneré's alleged suicide attempt coming at the exact time that concerns are growing over the growing deployment of Global Naval Forces around the Middle Eastern region believed to have been the location of the ancient Garden of Eden, and which we had reported on in our December 21st report titled 'World Shipping Comes To Halt As Global Navies Prepare For 'Unprecedented' Confrontation'.

Haignere, a rheumatologist, flew to the MIR space station as an astronaut in 1996 and to the International Space Station (ISS) in 2001. She's studied how humans adapt their motor and cognitive skills in weightlessness and monitored astronauts from the ground. Later, on the MIR, she performed experiments in physiology, developmental biology, fluid physics and technology, according to the European Space Agency.

More ominously, these reports continue, was that within hours of Dr. Haigneré's alleged suicide attempt her laboratory, where she worked on the forefront of Human/Alien DNA research, at the World renowned Pasteur Institute was destroyed by fire, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service:

'Fire broke out Wednesday in a biology laboratory at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, famed for research on fighting infectious diseases, officials said.

No victims were reported, and no sensitive materials or viruses were affected by the fire, which was extinguished by firefighters, an official at the institute said. The official was not authorized to be publicly named according to company policy. The cause of the blaze was unclear'.

FSB internal reports on Dr. Haigneré state that since her return from space she had become convinced that our Earth had been visited in our historical past by 'ancient astronauts' who had not only had colonized our Planet but had genetically engineered the then existing semi-human life forms into our present day human race.

**Side note/'S'...How this all ties in shipping halted...with our article on 'THE BALTIC INDEX'. Click below on 'My Website' for this 'Forum Article'-IMPORTANT/'S'
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