Who are they? Where do they come from? What do they want from us?

Of all the humanoid alien types that feature
in innumerable reports of sightings and abductions,
the most common is the ‘Grey’.
Small in stature, spindly and thin,
with smooth and sallow skin and huge ‘almond’ eyes
that wrap around their upper faces
like grotesquely disproportionate aviator sunglasses,
they are like creatures out of some surreal dream. Or nightmare.

Who are they?
Where do they come from?
And what do they want from us?

These are just the most immediate questions
that the Greys’ unnerving presence poses. There are many more.
Yet there is a strong feeling among those
fascinated by the whole subject of alien contact
that the Greys are essentially benevolent superior beings.

Nigel Kerner has a different view of this important and complex matter.
Bizarre as it may sound, Kerner suggests that the most devastating
secret that the governments of the world are keeping from us
is that we are a genetically intercepted life form engineered
for the purposes of an alien super-intelligence now covertly
present on our planet.

Source: http://www.songofthegreys.com


MysticalEnigma said...

Well based on Andromedans (and I believe it was alex collier) it seems we have the genetic code of 22 alien species. it seems that this would give a reason (a possible motive) for this genetic engineering. The question is who exactly did this and why? More research :) Here we go.

Nora said...
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Claudia said...

Hi Nora, thank so much for your comment. I have deleted your message but only for your own protection. If you wish to talk please feel free to email me at 22050hz@gmail dot com.

Take care and thanks again for your trust.


Claudia said...

I am re-posting this comment as I promised to Nora. Nora has the right to have her voice heard and she is welcome to do so here.


Hi Claudia,

You left chat but I really needed to talk to you. I am not sure if I want to stay. Some weird things happened in the chat. Clinton said (I quote):

we should harrase the new girls and say they are only here for one thing and thats to fondle the boys

I am sorry but when someone starts to say the kind of stuff the sexually frustrated guys in my class would say, all credibility is gone and I cannot take any claims such a person make seriously anymore. I don’t feel safe there anymore because the night before another weird thing had happened. Brad had a private chat with me. It didn’t really sunk in at the time, but afterwards it was too obvious that he was trying to seduce me. He kept rambling for almost an hour about how he was a very special person who had spiritually grown much more than anyone else and that he wanted to by my mentor. Then he went on and on about his accomplishments, that he had been an actor who had worked with Patrick Dempsey and then became a writer who wrote sitcoms for HBO and that he was offered lots of money but refused because he didn’t want to leave Canada so instead focused on writing a science fiction novel. He also claimed he could make money magically appear by wishing it to happen. He was very vague about that and only when I asked him again and again what he meant he reluctantly gave me this example of some tax refund or something he had received…Then he said he could read my aura and could see that I felt attracted to him (I am not). He even gave me his telephone number and asked me to call him. None of this had really sunk in but when we said our goodbyes I decided to save the chat and I let a friend read it. She called him an sexual predator trying to impress me with bullshit. Now I can’t take any of Brad’s articles serious anymore. It comes across as phony and insincere, just a bunch of deep sounding words that have no real meaning and that he is just preying on girls like me. I feel unsafe there and after the things allbeing said I’ve had more than enough.

I was glad to meet you though!


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