Campaign for Ufology to be recognized as a legitimate subject for study

Ufology! This chatroll community has been established to campaign for Ufology, to be recognized as a legitimate subject for study, by the scientific, educational, and Internet establishments of the world.

The main reason for the creation of this chat room was following a reply to an email sent to the admin of It has been suggested by them that we establish a Ufology chat room so that we can demonstrate the support for the addition of a Ufology category to their main list. We have been assured that if enough people/communities join and request this they will spin it out into its own category

we are also trying to get Blogcatalog to add a Ufology category please help us with this ? If you have a blog would you consider joining the group please thank you

For far to long this subject has been ridiculed and ignored what do you think?

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