Over 200 sightings of UFO in Itatira, Brazil - CUB says: "It`s not a star, meteor, or the moon."

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Jan 24, 2009

The Brazilian Ufology Center, or Centro de Ufologia Brasileiro (CUB), analyzed the sightings and reported that the object is not a star, an asteroid, and it is impossible that it is the moon. But they can also not confirm if the object that has been frightening the population of Itatira is an alien spacecraft. The picture taken by Amanda Silva Gomes, 18, shows a bright light at night and was taken while she walked home from night school.

Itatira is a small town, 216 km from Fortaleza, on the northeastern coast of Brazil. Most of the 17.689 inhabitants of the town report to be frightened by the constant sightings that have been occurring, and some report to have become sick after the sightings happened. Authorities say the case is being investigated. The reports have fascinated students from a nearby city and some have visited the town in the hopes to "see something", including Amanda, who shot the photograph. Since the event, Amanda and her friends Ana Patrícia do Nascimento, 16, Francisca Claudiana Silva Uchôa, 17, and Maria Katiele Martins Alves, 17, have been followed by the "objects" and even decided to change their school schedule to avoid returning home at night, when the objects were most frequently seen - they have to walk 4 km to get home.

According to officer Dalton Junior, the report given by Luis Denis Menezes who saw the lights is "strange", since he says he was also followed by a yellow light and that it emmited an intense "heat", while riding home on his motorcicle. He mentioned he tried to run away but his bike's battery "died suddenly" and he ran frightened to the bushes and had minor injuries.

More than 200 sightings have been reported in Itatira. According to UFOlogist Agobar Peixoto, the occurence has been repeating itself in the same region every 9 or 10 years. He mentions that there are apparently two UFO "routes" in the region, and they connect nearby cities, forming a "circle".

Source: Diario do Nordeste

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