Ufo Video From Turkey Shows Alien Occupants

This extraordinary incident took place in a compound in Kumburgaz/Istanbul was witnessed by many residents and filmed by the same night guard Yalcin Yalman as it was in 2007,

The images captured are expected to have a tremendous impact throughout the world and be listed as "the most important UFO/extraterrestrial images ever filmed in the world"

During the 4months, between May and September 2008, many nationwide UFO sightings were reported from different parts of Turkey, while some of them were filmed and photographed and aired. Within the same period of time, these objects also witnessed by the residents of Kumburgaz/Yeni Kent Compound, caught on video several times by a night guard named Yalcin Yalman and these footages are considered as the closest and the most significant images ever filmed around the world.

In these amazing UFO video footages which would likely have major repercussions around the world and be listed as the most significant UFO videos ever, physical forms of UFOs and their metallic structures are clearly noticeable. Whats more important is that in the close-up of some footages of the objects, entities in them can be distinctly made out.


armywife65 said...

So if you don't blog to earn money...eventually, do you do it just because you have a lot of free time? for the fun of it? just curious. I do blog to hopefully make it a business/career.

22050hz said...

Hello armywife65, thanks for posting a comment.

There are a few reasons why I do not blog for money.

One of them is that I believe that making money from UFOlogy related issues only takes away the seriousness of the issues discussed here. Ufology is a topic that, in itself, is "too hard to swallow", if you know what I mean. By making the information profitable, it could create a different purpose to blogging, and I don't believe it helps people understand how important it is. So if you see something posted on 22050hz, it means that it was important for me to learn about it, important enough that I wanted to share the information with other people. I also don't see anything wrong in making money with blogging and I do have many links posted here to other (fantastic, I must add) blogs and sites that do profit from it, I just think it is not for me, and not for this blog specifically. Just my own personal view, nothing else.

The second reason is because I am able to find information very quickly on the internet, a skill I have developed through experience over the years. And that answers your question about having a lot of free time...I really don't need a lot of free time to find what I need, and that does not impact the quality of what you find on this blog.

Now, for the "fun" aspect of it, lets just say UFOlogy is not only fascinating, but the more I learn about it, it became to me a necessity more than a hobby to keep moving forward and sharing the information I find.

Thanks again for posting a comment and please feel free to join me for a chat.

Take care


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