UFO witnesses report from six states

Sketch from Ohio Feb. 17 sighting. MUFON image.

February 21, 5:44 PM
by Roger Marsh, UFO Examiner
Witnesses from six states are reporting UFOs shaped as diamonds, rods, discs and triangles - and a new witness to the Dec. 9, 1965 Kecksburg, PA UFO crash comes forward for the first time. Witness reports follow from around the country.

OHIO - Feb. 17, 2009 - A woman spotted a diamond-shaped UFO for the second time flying slowly over a nearby school. The airborn vehicle was apparently controlled - able to remain stationary, and then move slowly - and altered its lighting as it accelerated, and sported a series of red, green and white blinking lights.

The following is an unedited account from the Mutual UFO Network database. The illustration on this page, cropped, was submitted by the witness.

Saw this thing AGAIN tonight over top the same school again but on the other end!.it did the same thing,it appeared out of no where this time about 9:15pm and looked star-like but got really bright and was stationary for about 10 minutes.It slowly moved West,and i mean SLOWLY,and made its way past the front of my building.I looked at it through binoculars most of the time and it changed colors from half of it green and other half red when it was stationary.When it moved,it began to blink andthe lights on opposite ends would blink.1 red,1 green 2 white on the middle of each side would not blink-also yellow like.the craft looked rectangular or diamond like in shape,very drak in color.Very unusual craft.It obviously has good control over what it wants to appear to look like.My husband saw this also-he couldn't figure it out but he didn't see it with binoculars either-'cos i was so fixiated i wouldn't share.

FLORIDA - Feb. 18, 2009 - A black rod-shaped object turned up on a digital photograph near an airplane. The unedited account from the MUFON database follows.

Taking picture of airplane with digital camera when down loaded to computer found a strange object in picture.It appears to be a black rod shaped object up high but dosen't appear to be as high as airplane.

NOTE - In the first photo, while we clearly see the jet image, the black rod is tough to see, but is above the jet and near the right side of the photograph.

In this cropped and enlarged version of the original photograph, we can make out the shape of the object.

FLORIDA - Feb. 18, 2009 - A second MUFON report from the same date shows a different shape in the sky near a jet. The unedited report follows.

Repost this time with picture,Taking picture with digital camera of high flying airliner leaving vapor trail. When down loaded to computer saw a white triangle shaped craft going opposite direction of airliner.

WISCONSIN - Feb. 16, 2009 - Another photographer taking pictures of planes shot images where two bright objects are later seen. The MUFON report details follow.

I had just parked and saw a jet contrail so I pulled my camera out to
snap a pic. I took two pics from the car with my window down. They are almost identical but the angle is slightly different on the 2nd pic. The two objects show up in both pics. I thought when I saw the 1st pic that the sun had flashed on my lens but the sun wasn't really shining on the lens and the same dots came up on the 2nd pic too. I didn't see the dots when I took the pics.

OHIO WITNESS TO KECKSBURG UFO CRASH - Dec. 9, 1965 - A reader writes about his personal experience almost 44 years ago when the UFO crashed at Kecksburg, PA. His unedited comments follow.

I saw the object as it passed over Cleveland, OH when I was 12 years old. There is one thing I remember very clearly about it as it was passing over me that I have not heard anyone else mention. It already was a fairly large fireball, but before it passed over, I distinctly remember seeing a small blue flame arc up from below and from the right, and I think it hit it. Immediately after that, the fireball became larger like there had been an explosion.

LA HABRA, CA - Feb. 2009 - A woman reports spotting two very different looking UFOs recently - and took a photo with her cell phone of the second object. Her unedited statement follows.

I moved to La Habra, CA in November 08 & was renovating my new place late at night. I was walking out towards the garage when I noticed something strange.

My Neighbor has a really old tree that is very large and I saw what looked like a UFO just resting against it. We are talking about 25' from the ground nestled in the branches of the tree. It was red, with round windows that had bright lights in each one (as if someone was home with a light on). It was not moving, or spinning and seemed "parked" there.

I don't believe in UFO's. I figured I was tired or my eyes were playing tricks on me. I closed them and looked away for a bit, but it was still there. I took the trash out and came back and it was still there. I started to panic and get excited and called for my boyfried who was inside but he didn't answer. So I ran in to get him and a camera and when I came back it was gone.

Last week I went to Mc Donalds at 1045 pm and when I stopped at a stop sign one street away from my home, I saw the same UFO again. This time it was flying in the air. It was red with round windows that had lights on in them. It was just hoovering. I grabbed my cell phone camera and rolled the window down and took a picture.

The picture looks completely different then the UFO I saw in person. It shows up as a saucer shaped white lighted disk type of object. But the item I saw was bright red with round windows.

NEWTOWN SQUARE, PA - Feb. 17, 2009 - A group of triangular-shaped UFOs were spotted by multiple witnesses here. The unedited MUFON report follows.

My dogs were outside in our fenced in backyard at around 6:30 and I heard them barking. I went outside to bring them in and noticed that several other area dogs were barking as well. It was a very clear night and I looked up at the trees and noticed that there were many lights flashing around. After looking closer, the lights at first appeared to look like small planes. But then I noticed that they were flying really low, so I thought they were helicopters. Then one would shoot up really high, higher than a helicopter could go. Several of them would fly close together, then shoot apart. They were triangular in shape and had at least 3 different colored bright lights, red, white and either green or blue. They were also silent. They appeared to be coming from the SW direction to NE. There is a hill that they would disappear over and that area appeared to be illuminated, although we can't see down to that valley from our house. I had my mother come out right away, and she saw the same things. By the time my husband came outside, they had already started to disappear. It then seemed that there were either helicopters or several planes flying around, more than we'd normally see, but they weren't the same types of crafts as we had seen 15 minutes before. I did call the township (Radnor) to ask if there was anything going on near either the Androssen Farm or the Highschool, and they didn't have any events noted. I told him about what I thought I'd seen and said that I've lived in this house for 12 years and hadn't seen anything like it before. He asked that we call back if it continued.

When I first saw them I was amazed, not worried, just sure that it was something unique. When my husband came out, he was trying to sign a bright spot-light we have on them, but that didn't illuminate them, it just made it harder to see them. I'm not sure how long they were out there before I came outside, but they flew around for about 10 minutes, then just disappeared over the hill and too far away for us to see.

Readers Write

The following are reports sent in by readers. Thanks to everyone who sends in original reports and photos. In addition to sending these to me, I would urge everyone to log onto MUFON.COM and complete a report there so these cases can be studied with other similiar accounts.

TAMMY - back in January I saw a bright white light in the sky around midnight. I never seen anything like it, and I was scared so I went inside. It did not move. I was searching to see if anyone else experienced this in PA. Lancaster PA area.

thaliafan07 - i seen a light in brunswick that was on 303 near pearl. it was higher than the telephone poles. A very bright light that illuminated the entire street in pulses ...i was on 303 as about 6 other cars headed east as far down as the library ..this thing pulsated light and you could see the light coming down the street towards you and when it finally got to you it blinded me for seconds and it did this pulse action about 4 times.then a telephone pole started sparking from underneath this very bright light. It was like this thing was draining energy from the pole itself. I got back to the store and asked my fellow employee if the lights were flickering and he said yes..that even his mother called and said that their home lights were pulsing like what you see in horror movies. here is the strange thing though that sort of explained away for me that it was the pole itself. the freind of the employee i talked to said he was looking out the window completely facing away from this light source, and said it looks like it was the middle of the day...this being about 9:00 or so at night. they live on rosevelt , front of house facing towards valley city. i have seen light poles go down , sparking, flashing, etc.with live wires a few times in my life but, i to this day have never seen a light this bright where it lit everything like daylight and send pulses of light down the street, all the cars in front of me were freaked out too, for we all slowed down to a crawl watching this. they had to be getting blinded as i was in intervals. SORRY FOR SO LONG. God bless.

TAMPA - I saw a very strange BLINKING RED LIGHT in Carrollwood.... it stayed in the same place for a very long time... I wathed it... it was very dark and I could not tell what it was... I know the H.Chopers can hover... but not like that.... the Blimps are very easy to see... it was very strange.

MARTHA - On the evening of Feb. 8th I saw what looked like a star dancing around the moon. I only had my call phone, but took about 10 or so pictures in sequence and you can see the "star" in different positions around the moon. I tried to film it, but can't see it on the film, although I saved it. It is not a plane and the time frames show that I was taking one after another to show it's random movements. Did anyone else see it?

ADA - Illinois- Feb 15=My husband saw something in the sky about 8 pm and i just brushed it off for about an hour and then he convinced me to look outside.What I saw was spere shaped that was like one of the pictures I saw at this sight.My husband saw it up close and said it was more barbell shaped with flashing lights around its parimeter.I took a picture and it looks exactly like the other persons.It definately is not a star.I really was exvited to know that others had seen this object.Is there anything official being reported?

PHOENIX - I have been watching this "Thing" for several months Now ! I thought it was Venus but it's been around too long. Just saw it again tonight with my 17 Yo Daughter. We go from Lansdale to Downingtown 4 times per week and we can follow it all the way...It is so Strange!!!

RONNIE - I live in Dallas, Texas in an apt that faces to the south with a view of downtown. I am on the third floor with an unobstructed view of the sky. Since moving here almost a year ago I have seen unusual things in the sky several times but none as unusual as what I saw on Feb 10 over Dallas. I was on the phone after the big storm that blew through here sometime around 11pm. I saw through the window a blinking white strobe-like triangular shaped object directly over downtown. I quickly got up and out to the balcony because its movement was so unfamiliar to me. It seemed to move so quickly that when it would be still enough to make out the shape it would blur like it was vibrating. It moved across the sky toward the west from downtown Dallas at a speed that is impossible of any aircraft that is normally seen around here. As fast as it moved I have to wonder if it was the same object seen in TN the same night. Very Strange.

KATIE - i have just seen outside 3 orange dots moving in a line by each other, then moving into a triangle formation. This happened around 1am in bristol, england. they then slowly disappeared one by one! eeeeek.

JEN - My fiance and myself stood on the sand at Ocean Beach last night (Feb 12, 2009) for over and hour watching a large glowing orb in the sky. I watch the planes come and go out of San Diego almost every night and this extremely bright orb got my attention immediately. This isn't the first time I've seen something like this, but this was the closest one. I first noticed it around 8pm or so, and watched it for over an hour come a bit closer, go out, move a bit up and down and horizontal. I heard a military helicopter (and living in SD, I know what one sounds like) going toward the orb, then what sounded like a military fighter jet. The helicopter seemed to have turned its lights off when it got close the the orb, but I could still hear that it was there. The jet seemed to have no lights on at all. I watched for as long as I could, then went to my car. I would look at it once in a while at it would have moved its position a little. Eventually it had disappeared. I am so mad at myself for not watching it the whole time! I had the radio on a conservative talk station while I was in the car, and at the 10:30pm news update they had a little blurb about the "lights" in the sky, and that the FAA didn't know what it was. This morning I can't find anything on the internet about it! Also this morning I was telling my co-workers about last night and one of them saw something also, and the other saw something similar but with streaks behind it. Weird. I wish this was all out in the open. We can handle the truth! Well, I can anyway.

FALLON - Illinois- February 12, 2009, 8:00 pm. Just West of Geneva, IL, large glowing circle in the sky. It looks like a small moon. I have pictures. When I zoomed in it was perfect circle. It has been in the sky for quite some time.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/x-2363-UFO-Examiner~y2009m2d21-UFO-Report--Feb-17-2009

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