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This show was Aired Friday 5th December 2008

Milton Torres (Ret. USAF Maj.) is finally speaking about his UFO encounter. The British Ministry of Defense declassified his file in October, 2008.

Milton Torres, a United States Air Force pilot who stated that on 20th May 1957 he was ordered to open fire on a UFO that was being tracked on radar. He was based at RAF Manston in Kent and was scrambled to intercept a UFO that had been tracked over Kent. He claims that he came within seconds of firing off a salvo of 24 rockets when the UFO accelerated away at a speed of around Mach 10. Torres stated that he was subsequently warned to stay silent about the incident and only mentioned it years afterwards, at a reunion. While Torres has gone on the record and given a number of media interviews, following the release of the documents from the MoD files, most people have not realised that the account in the MoD file is not an official USAF or MoD witness statement.

It is a transcript of an interview with Torres, undertaken years after the event and forwarded to MoD by a ufologist. The ufologist then speculated that the incident was part of some secret test, which is patently false, as such tests would be conducted in the restricted airspace of various ranges over the sea. Needless to say, one does not conduct tests involving the potential firing of live weapons over the mainland UK! Torres is clearly an honourable man, recalling a difficult and potentially life threatening mission.

But I would suggest that ufologists need to track down the original 1957 paperwork if they are to get to the bottom of this incident. Torres is not the only pilot to have been ordered to open fire on UFOs. General Parviz Jafari from Iran and Comandante Huertas from Peru were placed in similar positions and their stories, in their own words, can be found on the Coalition for Freedom of Information website. Check out for further details.

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