Will Obama discuss UFO 'X-Files' on Canada trip (today)?

February 16, 1:26 AM
by Larry Lowe, Phoenix UFO Examiner

US President Barack Obama will visit Canada Thursday, on his first trip outside the country, with economic concerns expected to top his agenda. Green energy is of major interest in Michigan, home to the struggling US auto industry, which operates plants in Ontario and generates jobs and income for Canadian workers. There is concern in Ottawa that the massive 787-billion-dollar stimulus plan passed by Congress Friday which Obama is expected to sign into law Tuesday in Denver, Colorado will include mandates to 'Buy American'.

But a bombshell announcement by a Toronto based media watchdog group that the Canadian government has sanctioned access to approximately 9,500 UFO files through a governmental archives website may add a vital item to the discussion agenda: The global economic and environmental imperative to address the presence of UFO craft in increasing numbers world wide in a clear and transparent manner.

The substantial compilation of UFO documents in Canada’s archives represents the single largest disclosure of UFO files to date by a G8 nation. Canada joins England, France, Brazil, Mexico and most recently Denmark in dropping the pretense of denial and opening their UFO/ET files to the public.

The Canadian move serves as an example by America's biggest trading partner that the civilian population can 'handle the truth'. More importantly it is another step down a path Exopolitics observers say will inevitably lead to U.S. admission that some UFOs in fact represent alien craft operating in Earth's biosphere.

Faced with multiple simultaneous crises of economy, energy, environment and a profound mandate for change by the American electorate, Obama must consider that it's time to recognize the existence of non-humans openly operating advanced technology in earth's biosphere for what they are. Denial has become self-caricature at this point. UFO sightings have doubled in England since the U.K MOD opened their files.

Opposing admission is an entrenched military-industrial complex that up until recently wielded enormous power and has vested interests in endless war and endless growth as the basis for economic and social status quo. As former Vice President Dick Cheney once put it, "The American way of life is not negotiable."

That may have been true from an ideological standpoint, but it is demonstrably false as the economic security based among other things on a hydro-carbon fuel economy and astronomical military expenditures has vanished.

Admitting there are UFO's operating in US airspace — a fact obvious to the citizens of Phoenix, Arizona, Stephenville, Texas, the Hudson Valley and observers across the country—is the first step to a reconciliation of American society with the reality of the 21st century. The denial of the obvious, while arguably sensible in 1947, is a policy which has outgrown its usefulness by several decades.

The downside may be a certain amount of culture shock, but America has been shocked to its core by the suddenness and depth of the depression that is removing economic security from the middle and lower class at an alarming rate.

The promise of the Obama administration is new jobs with new technologies that are environmentally friendly, renewable and an energy policy that removes the need to wage war for strategic access to the remaining drops of ancient sunlight. It is also a promise of a government open and transparent in its efforts to be of the people, by the people and for the people. Obama's transition team and adminstration is filled with intelligent people who believe in extraterrestrial diplomacy.

There is little political risk in opening up the government and corporate X-files to public scrutiny. Far more people feel the government is dishonest about the issue than voted for Obama's platform.

Obama was put in office by 52.9% of the popular vote in the 2008 election.

In a 1997 CNN/Time poll, 80 percent of Americans indicated that they think the government is hiding knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms. Sixty-four percent of the respondents said that aliens have contacted humans.

In a 2002 Roper poll, more than two-thirds of Americans say that the government is not telling the public everything it knows about UFO activity (72 percent) or extraterrestrial life (68 percent).

Opening up the Government and corporate X-files would be a major first step towards the ultimate historic achievement for an American President: The establishment of a cabinet level Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs, opening of diplomatic relations with receptive alien races and the establishment of cultural, economic and technological relations between citizens of Earth and citizens of other planets. Or dimensions, as the case may prove to be.

The President has signaled his intention to dialog with Iran while maintaining a firm stance on the security of the United States in the process.

One cannot help but wonder if a short discussion with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the Canadian disclosure might give him the impetus to take the bold leadership step that must be taken before he can sit down at the table with a humanoid race from another planet and conduct truly world changing diplomacy.

The President's first international trip would be as good a place as any to begin to establish a global consensus among the G-8 leadership that a united and coherent policy of extraterrestrial diplomacy is in the best strategic interest of not only each member nation, but the entire planet. The peace, energy and environmental benefits of trade and cultural exchange with alien races would be incalculable and might be the only thing more enormous than the scale of the global economic melt-down now facing the planet's leadership.

In that light, it makes perfect sense for the new President to ask the Prime Minister to help formulate world ET diplomatic policy.

Prior to his trip to Canada, President Obama will be in Phoenix to discuss the housing issue and then in Denver to sign the stimulus package. It is perhaps not entirely coincidental that Phoenix and Denver, along with Honolulu in the President's home state, are focal points of the exopolitical movement outside of Washington, D.C.

Source: Phoenix UFO Examiner
Photo: President Barack Obama delivers remarks to members of the Business Council.
(AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)
Canada X-Files : http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/ufo/index-e.html

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