Blossom Goodchild channeling from Federation of Light, March 6th/7th

Blossom Goodchild is a professional ‘direct voice’ channeling medium working with spirit and cosmic energies. She has been channelling the Native American Indian Spirit Energy ‘White Cloud’ for almost ten years now and shares his messages of Unconditional Love by means of personal readings and group meetings. Blossom's website documents the messages channeled to her by the Cosmic Beings known as The Federation of Light. The Federation of Light stress that they come in LOVE to help us and our planet move to a new Higher Vibration of Love. They communicate with her on a regular basis and she posts the messages online here.

I am aware that "channelers" might not be the most accurate source for UFOlogists. But the messages have kept me going back for more for quite some time.

Here are the latest:

4. Late evening. March 6th.

Hi Guys. It seems your last channelling caused quite a stir. I received so many letters ‘to you’ expressing the readiness as a nation for your unveiling into earth’s atmosphere. Not only that, I received a plethora of suggestions as to the best way to approach this. They were/are very serious suggestions because we as a nation of human beings are very serious about your coming. I have been thinking a lot this week about everything to do with your visitation, (so what’s new?) and I hope it’ s ok with you, because I’m going to do it anyway, but I would like to express what I believe to be the feelings of many regarding earths situation and the mission you are on. So, perhaps this time, YOU should put the kettle on, for there is quite a lot I wish to say. All expressed with Golden Rays of course, but with a passion that I Know I share with so many on this planet.

You said last week, that it was now or never. Well, we down here agree. More than agree. Yet, will you show? Many are disillusioned by the promises made and yet there is always a reason for it not to take place. We HAVE faith. I believe we have proved this. I KNOW we are not in your position. I KNOW there are probably issues that we do not know or understand.

You say NOW …. But will it be NEVER?

Our world is rapidly sinking under. Yes, we can work hard to be positive and create change. We CAN bring about this new world through our way of thinking, we are trying, many many of us are trying, but we ask for your help in this … which you say you are happy to give. So, please give it to us ... NOW!

I am aware that you KNOW of the terrible tragedies that take place on this earth plane. The wars, the hunger, the torture, the hatred toward one another, the greed, the jealousy …the control!!! You KNOW of ALL this, you have studied us for so long ... The world was not designed to be this way ... neither was the human being. We have ‘screwed up”. We admit that. We ask for the opportunity to change our ways. To change this planet and ourselves back into its original design. A place of PEACE, a way of LOVE within each one of us. We KNOW you are not coming to save us, we KNOW you are coming to show us a better way … so COME NOW … please, before it is too late. There is too much pain, not only from the ones enduring it, but from the ones who look helplessly on at another’s suffering. WE ARE ALL ONE ARE WE NOT? We feel the pain of the planet and of each other. Would it be that if you let this earth world KNOW once and for all of your existence that all this would stop??? That I do not know. But I think for many, once the acceptance of your existence had settled within, there WOULD take place THIS CHANGE. Gradually maybe, yet it would/could happen.

If those at war saw your ships … would they not drop their weapons and fall to their knees? Would they choose to pick that rifle up again …? Your arrival would wake souls up … to stop this terror … to make souls THINK about how we are treating one another. We, down here on earth feel that it is essential for you to come NOW, because our hearts our tired of calling out to you. We cannot continue this yearning within our souls to knock on the doorway to home. We are weary soldiers. We wish for the doorway to be opened to us. Many millions desire to reunite with our home. We understand that we have chosen to be here to WELCOME you. We are in position, at our stations, awaiting our orders to be activated to assist those who will be lost when you make your grand appearance. We are all ready. All those who are ever going to be ready in the time frame required … are ready!!

If you do not show soon, our hearts and our energy will deplete even more. IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO JOIN FORCES WITH THOSE OF US ON EARTH WHO CAME HERE TO ASIST YOU IN ASSISTING US!!

You are of great intelligence, this we know. The only thing we can think of that is hindering you is the threat to human live from the darker energies that reside on earth, should you appear. And we acknowledge your thoughtfulness towards us. Truly we do. Yet, from where we stand we can think of ways to get round this, so surely you can … and that’s a fact! There have been suggestions of your taking over all television stations for a week. Transmit yourselves. Let everyone know you come in peace. You can do this. It is possible. In fact I would say from where you stand it’s no big task. It crossed my mind that maybe you only work telepathically. Then communicate telepathically. I KNOW you CAN do so much that we are unaware of. SO PLEASE DO IT. You are concerned of military actions against you, against us; making out it is you at war with us…. Can you not defuse weapons? We heard you can? And in all honesty, are there not many thousands dying from hunger or bullets everyday … the longer you leave it, the more of us continue to die, pointlessly ... And it’s going to carry on this way unless something BIG happens to STOP THIS MESS!! And YOU are that BIG SOMETHING. We know you are, you know you are … so what is the hold up? Whenever you decide to come there will be upheaval. The quicker you come the quicker we can get over the turbulence and move on.

Something has to give.

I had suggestions from many that perhaps you could have a few smaller vessels that can be caught on camera in important places and events. Not really small, big enough to cause a stir..; and to keep on introducing them. Get a buzz happening in a bigger way … to prepare those in doubt. It has been suggested you write in the sky ‘we come in Peace’. It has been suggested you come and visit ME and video it, (I told you I’d put the kettle on) there has been suggestion after suggestion … something dear friends … something … to give us hope. For I know I speak for many when I say hope is fading with each life that is lost and each day that our mother earth continues to be abused.

Many are so afraid for their security and the economy. There is So much to be afraid of if we allow the fear to set in. Please, bring your Light and your Love onto our planet in a way that we can call proof. Proof for those who do not believe in life outside this little pixel dot of earth that is placed amongst galaxies and universes … And yet, YOU still deem us worthy of assistance to guide us through into a better knowing. A better understanding. Truly we thank you for this, all of us, some on a level that they are unaware of, but in the name of evolution of the human race and all the many aspects of the self that goes with that label, we ask humbly and from the deepest place in our hearts for you to consider allowing your mission to take place before this year of 2009 is over. Our planet is hanging on by a thread it seems.

I feel honoured to be in touch with you, without a doubt, but the honour does not come without responsibility … This is why I have chosen to write to you in this way, because the Light is fading for many, and we are ready to move on through to a better way. The way that we KNOW of as LOVE. For as you have taught us … WE ARE OF THIS LOVE. YET WE HAVE FORGOTTEN. We are ready to turn the page and begin a new life in a new world, we are ready ….So please tell us this …. Are you?

We feel you have expressed the thoughts of many well dear friend. You are correct in all that you say. Our Love for you is of a scale that is as high as your summits and beyond. What would you have us say?

The Truth my friends … only the Truth.

Lie down in your pastures and valleys of green. Feel the earth resonate with the breath of life that you are. ‘Will’ our presence in to existence. Then we can FEEL your LOVE vibrate with the beat of the earth. Understand the TRUTH of life being ONE. Bring about our glory from within, for it is your glory. Glory of the universe changing as prophesied. There shall be no more of your history books; there shall be no elaborated stories of events that did not take place. There shall be no more lies, if you chose to walk into the Light of PURE LOVE. We know not how else to speak with you on these matters .

Then please speak plainly … and answer my question … from my heart … answer OUR question.

It is a burden you carry dear lady …

Not if you just give us a straight answer … Truly I do not wish to be rude, that is the last thing I mean to be, I offer you only my respect … I am not in your shoes … maybe one day I will say ‘Ah, I get it now’, for TRULY right now .. I don’t… I don’t get it!

Be prepared … For when we make our move you must be fully prepared, for there will be no turning back. We take you forward … we adjust our vibration in order to be present … we have been awaiting decisions …

As we have been awaiting you to make those decisions. We cannot imagine the huge energy change of our planet … how do we know if we are ready for you? … I guess we never will know until we give it a try. But my heart feels ready; as does the hearts of many … it aches for the change to begin. Truly we welcome you and are prepared to take a giant leap for mankind.

Your energy is fading dear lady..

I’m not surprised. Ever closer … I HOPE ... I pray … as we all do …that the transition may go smoothly, may we understand ONENESS, may we live fully once again in LOVE in LIGHT in PEACE. Thank you my friends. Until next time.

5. March 7th.

Good morning to you. Well, I went to bed mulling over what we had discussed, sort of feeling … ‘yes, all very well, but you still didn’t’ give me a direct answer.’ And then the penny dropped. I realised that it is ME that is stopping you from doing so, because I would freak! I realised I am blocking some of what you would probably like to say, for fear of the same scenario playing out as it did in Oct. I can feel I am wary, and it is not that I don’t TRUST YOU, it is that I don’t want to hear a YES, in case once again it doesn’t happen in the way we had believed it would. I feel too delicate to put myself on the line like that ever again I suppose. So I offer apologies. Yet I KNOW at the same time, you would, not ask that of me again.

You said ‘it is a burden you carry dear lady’ … I thought about that too, for I KNOW in one way I am very blessed and many it seems envy my position. Perhaps burden isn’t quite the right word, but I do find it a huge responsibility to make sure that the messages I bring through from/for you are only of Truth. That is a huge thing for me, and sometimes, yes, I do find it difficult … I am just like anyone else … I mean what if I have this all wrong and I'm just a nutter? Yet there is something, and I don’t know what that something is, that drives me on … I think it is that so many seem to receive so much from your messages, therefore, who am I to dispute myself, if you see what I mean?

Phew! Clearly I needed to get all this out … have you nodded off? Wake up, it’s time for your sleeping pill! Is there anything you would like to add, especially regarding the probability of me blocking that which I am to afraid to hear.

We are with you and we thank you for your honesty. We ask, what could we say that you could possibly be ‘afraid’ to hear? For it is not our intention to bring fear into the thoughts of any, least of all our messenger.

It is my human form that fears taking another bashing. Many have labelled me a fraud and a liar because of the non event … not something I would care to ‘risk’ starting up all over again. I feel I am indulging, this is not my desire. I say to you now, that I will try my upmost to release the fear … the floor is yours my friends …

Then we shall speak in TRUTH as we have always done. The human has trodden a path that has sometimes led them a long long way from home. Along those pathways there have been endless choices for one to take. There are temptations that fool the mind into believing that there is a better way, when in actual fact, there is not. The ONLY TRUE WAY for your souls to return to the place of TRUTH is by abiding by the laws of the soul.

Which are?



That IS the law of the soul. There is nothing else. We ask over and over again for you to listen to your TRUTH. That is the pathway to your re-enlightenment. Many of you query how this may be done. We say to you as we always have, by listening to the way you feel. That is as simple and as difficult as it can get. FOLLOW THIS PATH WAY. Let your hearts lead you through. Think deeply on the TRUTH of these words. Do not read them blindly … For one has heard them many times before, and therefore they can wash over you, instead of wash through you. We have no other way of dispelling untruths that you have learned of and take them as Truth.


This knowing from within … this inner guidance that you all long to hear is your feelings. Your guides are unlikely to start chatting with you, as so many of you yearn for, until you start listening to yourself. The feeling of yourself. Does it please you? Then indeed you are on your way.

Confusion of the self must be eliminated. One must KNOW the self in its TRUTH, otherwise how can one KNOW the ONENESS ... if they do not first of all KNOW the self?

The ONENESS must be grasped in its concept and understood. Every breath of life that you take in is a breath of life that the WHOLE ingests. Every out take of breath is a breath given to everyone. Each breath one takes in, another has breathed out. It is ONE and the same. Do you see dear one? Do you begin to understand? You are joined together as one through the breath of life. You are the ONE energy of life experiencing a human existence at this chosen time. Understand that separateness is not a reality. An individual is not an individual in the grand scheme of things. You are all part of the same energy, working individually to join back together as a greater energy. A purer energy … the energy of LOVE from whence you came. The energy of LOVE that you are. KNOW THIS as THE TRUTH you are all seeking.

Accept this knowledge in its TRUTH. Allow your spirits to merge in a LOVE that binds you together. For we say this to you … it would be of little value introducing ourselves to you in a more amenable fashion if you were unable to accept that we are simply another aspect of the same energy as yourselves. We may take a different form than you, yet we are of the same. The same LOVE. For … yes … that is right … that is all we are. We, like you are LOVE in visible form. You, like us, our Light in a visible form. Together and alone we are LOVE in a form of itself. That is all we need to BE. That is all we need to KNOW.

There will come the day dearest Blossom, our TRUE friend, that we shall be in the physical presence of one another. THIS WE PROMISE YOU.

And by that, I KNOW you mean not just me, but all of us, for is it not so that we are ONE!
In Love and thanks to you my friends. From all of us down here… to all of you up there!.

6. March 8th.

Once again I greet you and send you Golden Rays from all of us on planet earth. Today I leave it to you (I think I’ve said enough for a while) to say that which you feel you would like us to know…

In continuance from our agenda when we spoke in the day gone by, we desire to inform those of you who are on ‘alert’ to conjugate thoughts and as ONE bring us into being. Materialisation will be aided greatly by such efforts.

So the thought I kept having regarding organising a mass visualisation was ‘you’ sending it through.

Indeed this is so, and yet you dismissed it when you realised it had been done before our proposed arrival in the end months of your previous year.

Yes I did. Which was odd because it was a strong feeling. I will get on to it, but I will say here and now, that I am not assuming that you will arrive on that given day. My feelings are … and these ARE just mine … that it would be appropriate for you to come before the year is over, as I have mentioned before. After that, I think we all pretty much would have got over the fact that you said ‘now or never’, even though there is NO time where you are, I KNOW you are aware of our time limits. So, down to business ... this feels good … is there anything in particular you would like to suggest regarding this visualation?

Of course we would say the sooner the better, and yet we wish to allow for the news to spread. The more involved … the merrier the outcome. We are showing to you now Blossom of a vast vessel that is coming into view in your skies. The mists that surround it are lifting and dispersing to reveal us. You see colours of rainbow beauty but of a much richer vibration. It is for one to FEEL the PEACE that this occasion shall bring. As if your world ‘stops’ whatever it is doing and feels the change in vibration that will take place as we come together in glorious union. Imagine and FEEL only Love of the purest level as you look at this picture in your minds. Strengthen this image on a daily basis. Do not allow it to be just a ‘one off’ as you would say in your world. Let it be a continual thought until it is so TRUE that you will see it with your physical eyes. This is your part to play people of earth. We, as you ... desire to set your world ‘ A-LIGHT’. To show you a LIGHT that you cannot even dream of, because of the density that has submerged you for so many eons of your time. Together as LIFE we have chosen this pathway into the new world. It was agreed for it to be this way. For it to happen when enough of you on the earth plane were in alignment with the self and the grand plan.

As I am writing I begin to see that so much of me has always ‘hoped’ you would arrive. My thoughts have been of hope rather than reality. Perhaps if we all try to bring this visualisation into a KNOWING, then it will assist the plan greatly

We say also that by ‘bringing us in’ there will be more of an acceptance, on a level that is difficult to explain.

Odd ... I am getting a feeling from you that is difficult to put into words also. ‘An agreement of acceptance’ would that be right? … Mmm … neither of us seems sure how to word it.

We are aware of the same sentiment. It is …

A knowing within each one of us, that we HAVE to be ready. It cannot take place until then. We want to be ready, we say we are, but it is within the soul. It is for the soul to say yes isn’t it? I am feeling this so strongly. It’s no good saying yes on the outside. It has to be a yes from within. From the agreement we made about ALL THIS before we came. When we volunteered.

Do you see at this point how we are ONE Blossom? We have merged with you in a deeper sense in this moment where you and I are speaking as ONE. It matters not who is displaying theses words for they are from the ONE. From the greater part of US. … Which IS ONE.

I’m experiencing that really exciting feeling, keep going … keep going…

Therefore … when we ask if you are ready, it is of great importance that the readiness is from your heart not your heads.

And to me, I think this readiness is what I was speaking of yesterday. Of the hearts yearning, as if it is literally calling out for you to come. I see now … I was a little confused , if not concerned, that maybe I was feeling this way because the world was so desperate for your assistance. But now I understand that it is my heart speaking for my soul. It is the KNOWING of this agreement that is coming together in readiness. As if our hearts must speak to you. Our hearts must call you to us … not our minds, not our fears. It is the connection of the oneness magnetising you here. That is what the merging is that you speak of. Not necessarily a merging of physicality (although I believe that will come) but a merging into the oneness of our souls. If we draw you into our energy, to merge with us, not as individuals but ONE, then you become ONE with us. It is so difficult to express this feeling you are giving me. For so long now I have been saying ‘I don’t get it ‘ … but I think suddenly I do. (By George she’s got it ... and all that … don’t ask!). … I’ll let you get a word in edge ways … sorry… a bit excited!!

Yes, you have indeed ‘got it’. You had it all along. You ALL have it. It is a matter of recall. A matter of understanding through remembrance. This is why so many of you ‘follow’ our words, because they are reminders of the pathway to the TRUTH. We have merely been leading you back to what you already KNOW. And what is so joyous is that you KNOW you already KNOW!
It is up to you to allow our presence. It has always been up to you. This is what has been spoken of. Bring us in by the pull of your heart strings. You have the power to anchor us here for the time that has been arranged. The armies on ground level are graduating from their training days. More and more are recruiting for this mission of LOVE as they awake from their deepest sleep. Gather strength. Gather forces of LIGHT. Invite us to your planet on a different level of understanding from what you have previously known.

I have such a feeling inside right now. And yes … holding back the tears. Tears because I can ‘feel’ that I’ve ‘got it’ and I SO want to hold on to this understanding. I TRULY hope that those who read this ‘get’ what I am getting. I hope that the energy you are bringing has the power to get through to everyone. Maybe many already ‘have it’. I didn’t. Not like this.

We are showing you a swirling ball of energy. Imagine the energy that you are, becoming the colours of this ball, and KNOW that because of the upliftment of your planet … which YOU helped bring about Blossom … we can now entwine into this same ball of energy , enabling us to be present in a manner that many of you can ‘get’. The more of you that ‘get it’ the more of you will see us, and the more of us will be seen. We graciously accept your invitation.

It’s in the post! Welcome to the party. I shall set about arranging a worldwide visualisation. If the word spreads like your last message then we can’t fail. Struth Ruth … (who and where is Ruth when you most need her!) …. Here we go again it seems. It is now March … by my calculations you have 10 earth months … if nothing by then , I will consider myself bonkers , find a tree and hang upside down from its branches, sucking lollypops whilst singing ‘I talk to the trees… that’s why they put me away!’! Thanks for today oh wise ones. I will sort my head out as to how to go about this and then go about it!. In Love and Thanks.
(Feel a little embarrassed about the praise of helping bring about the upliftment of the planet … yet it flowed forth, so therefore, I accept with grace. Thank you.)

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