France: Sports personality’s UFO confession

Feb 27th., 2009
Michael Cohen

"Once upon a time UFO skeptics mulled over the question as to what is it specifically about the psyche of undereducated rural folks that makes them believe that they see spaceships belonging to little green men in sky.

The question might be a moot one these days. A string of high profile international media personalities have lately come forward claiming that they too have seen more or less the same things French Ufologists have welcomed the admission by high profile TV sports personality Nelson Monfort that he witnessed a UFO. ‘In 1985, on holiday in Les Arcs, me and my wife saw an unidentified flying object. It was rectangular and white, glowing very brightly. It hovered above us for about twenty seconds then shot up.''I know what I saw’ insisted Monfort. 'I believe in life on other planets and am not afraid of what people will think of me regarding this’. By all accounts the French public’s opinion of the TV personality seems to have in no way diminished since his confession.
‘There is nothing to be ashamed of in seeing a UFO’ noted one French ufologist.
Monfort is best known for a number of high profile interviews he has had with famous sports people including Martina Navratilova."


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