Have you ever been abducted? Take the quiz.

In the history of UFO research, many people have tried to estimate how many individuals might have undergone abduction experiences. According to a 2002 nationwide Roper poll, 2.9 million Americans are reporting unusual Blogger: Can you handle the truth? - Edit Post "Have you ever been abducted? Take the quiz."experiences consistent with those related to the UFO-abduction phenomenon.

The following test was designed by UFO-abduction-research experts Budd Hopkins and Dave Jacobs to determine the likelihood that an individual has had a UFO-abduction experience. Please review the following list of experiences that might or might not have happened to you at some point in your life, as either a child or as an adult, or both. For each item, please indicate whether this has happened to you once or more than once, or never.

Source: scifi.com


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