NASA *RARE* UFO footage from above earth

This footage is very rare and was hard to find, its from the live STS-48 NASA feed in 1991. If these are space debris, don't you think they are "going a little too fast" ? I mean, unless debris has a self-propelling device other than inertia.....and more importantly (watch the whole video and wait for the very last one)....if these are space debris, why, ( oh why!) most of them are going UP, and the very last one is going DOWN? Souldn't they all be orbiting around earth? Just wondering......comments most welcome.

NASA UFO Footage from Above Earth


Anonymous said...

Loving this. Can't call these obvious UFO's swamp gas or space debris. So when is our government going give us full disclosure?
It's all the rage everywhere else.

Anonymous said...

one of these so-calles space debris actually changes looks like it is being propelled.its on 1.22 sec.i cant tell if its the camera halting or the actuall object changing direction.

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