Scholar decodes some Extraterrestrial messages from human contacts with UFOs

Compiled by Mark Kimmel

The following paragraphs summarize the messages that Mark Kimmel has uncovered during his research. He has distilled these messages from communications from extraterrestrials, communications from contactees, and observations of extraterrestrials and extraterrestrial craft:

Quasi-physical. Extraterrestrials have technology that allows them to shift from quasi-physical reality, dematerialize and rematrerialize. Thousands of pilots, military men and women, government witnesses, and civilians have seen extraterrestrial spacecraft materialize and disappear. Existing in the non-physical or quasi-physical enables extraterrestrial craft to travel faster than the speed of light. Extraterrestrials purposefully shift into our physical realm to enable us to see them, or to communicate with us.

Mind-to-mind. Extraterrestrials are able to communicate mind-to-mind. In many cases their communications are of images or concepts; in some instances they communicate using precise words. By communicating in this way they bypass spoken words. Highly developed forms of this type of communications enable them to dispense with radio signals based on the electromagnetic spectrum. This enables them to communicate over the vast distances of space faster than light speed.

Ancestors. The messages from 'ethical' extraterrestrials reconfirm non-biased research into our origins. Life was brought to this planet first by life carriers who implaneted the ancient seas with the first life forms. After millions of years, Earth had become a lush paradise with diverse non-sentient life forms.

The "Starseed Project" was initiated by a group of extraterrestrials who wished to combine their somewhat different races into a single harmonized race -- this had not been done before. They brought representatives of their various races to this world. Not long thereafter, other manipulative extraterrestrials saw this experiment as an opportunity to conquer a defenceless world and enslave its people. Thus began the course of human self-destructive development that has persisted to this time.

Today we not only have the progeny of these long ago activities, with cellular memories of their ancestry, we also have many different off-planet beings who have incarnated to be present at this moment.

Extraterrestrial Agendas:

There are two principle agendas currently being pursued by non-humans involved with the affairs of this world. There are those who desire humanity to evolve into cosmic citizens. There are those who wish to continue to enslave us.

Avoid WMD. Judging by their interest in our nuclear facilities, extraterrestrials are concerned about our weapons of mass destruction. They have repeatedly been seen observing our nuclear manufacturing, storage, and testing sites. Based on the testimony of military witnesses (The Disclosure Project), they have shown their ability to disable our intercontinental missiles in flight and in their underground launch silos.

Caretakers. As detailed in Turkish and Russian meteor incidents, extraterrestrials have demonstrated a caretaker attitude toward us by fragmenting large meteors before they cause damage.

Healers. The many reports of healings, accomplished by extraterrestrials, points to a caring attitude towards us. Several books detail instances in which extraterrestrials have healed everything from cuts to cancer.

Earth-humans viewed as prey. According to Zecharia Sitchin and other researchers, translations of clay tablets, from the ancient Sumarian civilization that existed in the area now know as Iraq, point to biological experimentation with pre-humans by an extraterrestrial race identified as the Anunnaki. The results of those experiments were our human ancestors, created as a race of slaves. This story has been verified by recent extraterrestrials messages. This same race of extraterrestrials believe they "own" modern humans, and would return them to the status of slaves.

Want the highest for us. A different race of extraplanetary beings see Earth-humans differently. They too supplied some of our genetic make-up. They too say they are related to us. However, the Plaeidians and their associates would like us to recognize who we really are (creatures possessing a fragment of the Creator), would like us to take control of this planet, and would like us to join with other evolved civilizations of the universe. Thus we have the second set of players in the galactic chess game in which Earth-humans are the pawns.

Debilitating chemicals & energies Diverse extraterrestrial beings are telling us that we, Earth-humans, ingest and misuse many chemicals and energies. Many insecticides are unnecessary. Many food additives are uncalled for. We are bombarded with energies from electronic and electrical devices. At the same time, off-planet races recognizes that the current population of the Earth is excessive. Some of our chemicals and energies have been purposefully engineered to debilitate and/or degrade us, physically and mentally.

Environmental crisis. Observers from space see the pollution of Earth's air, water, and land. For many years, they have been telling us that we need to recognize and remedy this situation. They see the melting of the polar ice caps as a sign that there will be shifts in the crust of the Earth. Most recently, they are saying that an environmental crisis can not be avoided, and that some of the destruction is irreversible.

Here to assist, not "save" us. Those extraplanetary beings who wish us to mature and cooperate with races from other evolved planets, are offering to show us the way to cast off our current situation. They are not willing to step in and use their superior technology and knowledge to"save" us. They are unwilling to create a planet of dependents.

At the same time, there are other off-planet races who would welcome the opportunity to create a race of dependents. They are prepared to oppose the dictates of the apparent majority of extraplanetary races.

Planetary metamorphosis necessary. Certain extraplanetary races are waiting to take advantage of the chaos due to unfavourable environmental influences and/or nuclear war. Others wait for the majority of humans to awaken and take control of the planet. All agree that a period of change is needed and that such a transformation will occur quite soon.

Role of a prospective Cosmic Paradigm

Messages from extraplanetary beings have been delivered repeatedly over the ages. We the people of Earth have tended to ignore them.

The Cosmic Paradigm is about recognizing our current situation and then taking action to transition it for the benefit of all people of this planet.

1. Recognize that the current situation does not operate in the best interests of the vast majority of people on this planet. Recognize that we, the people, are allowing this situation to continue, and that we have the power to do something about it.

2. Acknowledge that we are not the only inhabited planet, that we are one of many. Promote a proper attitude for interacting with non-human life forms. 3. See a new world, a veritable paradise. Affirm that such a planet is possible and act as if we are achieving this situation.

Where we go from here is largely determined by you and the other people of this planet. We can continue in our mode of violence and self-destruction, or we can choose to embrace a higher way to live.

Contact with extraplanetary and intraplanetary beings is but the tip of the new reality iceberg. Almost every facet of our current existence is a lie, a lie perpetuated by those who enslave us.

Each of us should take careful note, and consider whether they wish to act in accordance with the Cosmic Paradigm:

1. There is much more than the physical reality we normally experience. We are here, on this planet, at this moment in time, by our own choice. We are here to actively participate in the transition of humanity.

2. The universe is teeming with life. There is one Creator and there are trillions of non-human life forms, some similar to us. Off-planet beings have been here for many thousands of years, with mixed agendas.

3. We are being invited to become members of the cosmic family. To qualify, we must reverse this planet from its current devolving condition, and we must do it very soon.

4. We, the humans of this planet, are the only ones to make this happen. Our current leaders will not do it for us. Extraterrestrials will not do it for us. We are the ones who must act -- now.

5. We are more individually powerful than we have been taught. Collectively we have the power to create a veritable paradise.

Extraterrestrial contact is but the starting point to an understanding of the facets of this pivotal juncture in human history. If you would go beyond the phenomenon, then examine the Spectrum of Reality, the messages from extraterrestrials, and the Implications of extraterrestrial contact -- all presented at this site.

The real story is WHY extraterrestrials are here, WHAT they are communicating to us, and WHAT it means in terms of who we are and the world on which we live.

About the author:

Since 1987, Mark Kimmel, author of Trillion, has studied the messages provided by extraterrestrials. Utilizing disciplines learned during his business career, he avoids the sensational and fear riddled perspectives that plague many who get trapped in the alien, UFO, or ET phenomena, and the mystery and secrecy surrounding it. By focusing on the implications of extraterrestrial contact in both his writing and speaking, Mark gets to the heart of the matter and presents an uplifting vision for the future of this planet.

Mark's exposure to UFOs began when he was shown a copy of Project Blue Book, a supposedly classified USAF document about reported sightings. The year was 1963. In 1997, Mark wrote the first draft of Trillion while he was studying for his Masters in Psychology. During the interim years he had become convinced that there we were not the lone inhabited planet, that we were being visited by representatives of off-planet civilizations, and that some of these beings had enlightening messages they wished to impart to us. Reference: LINK

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From the publisher: I am interested in your opinion about this post. Here is one of the famous messages from 1977 which is probably known by many of you, the "Ashtar Command" who supposedly hijacked BBC transmitters and send this message. (I did some research and it is most listed as a "possible" hoax ( not "proven"), but there are still no explanation on how it was made or who made it, so it is still seen as an unexplained phenomena. Here and here are some of the most relevant links I verified, among others.

And this message was from Fortean Times #24, Winter 1977

“Mention must be made here of an event that startled several thousands of TV watchers in Southern England. At 5.06pm, just as the news was being read on Saturday evening, 26 November 1977, a deep voice, accompanied by an eerie booming sound likened to a “hollow drumming”, drowned out the newscaster’s voice and delivered a short message…

This is the voice of Asteron. I am an authorised representative of the Intergalactic Mission, and I have a message for planet Earth. We are beginning to enter the period of Aquarius and there are many corrections which have to be made by Earth People. All your weapons of evil must be destroyed. You have only a short time to live to learn to live together in peace. You must live in peace… or leave the galaxy.

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