Terry Waite asks U.S to drop case against UFO Seeker/Computer Hacker.

First a little history on Terry Waite, 1980 Terry Waite first became famous when he successfully negotiated the release of several hostages in Iran. In 1984 he negotiated with Colonel Gaddafi for the release of British hostages held in Libya and again was successful. Then from 1985 Waite became involved in hostage negotiations in Lebanon, and he assisted in successful negotiations that secured the release of two hostages. However, his use of an American helicopter to travel secretly between Cyprus and Lebanon and his appearance with Oliver North meant that he was compromised when the Irangate scandal broke. Against advice, Waite felt a need to demonstrate his continuing trust and integrity and his commitment to the remaining hostages. He arrived in Beirut on 12 January 1987 with the intention of negotiating with the Islamic Jihad Organization, who were holding the men. On 20 Jan 1987 he agreed to meet with the captors of the hostages as he was promised safe conduct to visit the hostages, who he was told were ill. The group broke trust and took Waite hostage on 20 Jan 1987, where he remained in captivity for a total of 1,763 days, the first four years of which were spent in total solitary confinement, and it was not until 18 November 1991 that he was Released.

Now Terry Waite, has asked the US to drop criminal charges against Gary McKinnon. McKinnon, is facing extradition to the US for hacking NASA and Pentagon computers while seeking evidence for UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors to Earth.

The story has spread throughout British media, like BBC News, where he has become somewhat of a hero. McKinnon's supporters include Rock Legend Sting, and other government leaders.

Among his findings while hacking into the computers were references of UFOs and "non-terrestrial officers". NASA has denied doctoring photos that contained images of UFOs, and being part of any cover-up, But whistle-blowers have offered testimony that supports claims that NASA has defrauded American taxpayers for billions of dollars.

Former employees or contractors of NASA have claimed that NASA destroyed vital images of UFOs that provided evidence of ET visitors to Earth and the Moon.

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