Three F18s scramble to intercept California UFO

Roger Marsh

UFO Examiner

Poway, CA, is northeast of San Diego. Mapquest.

March 27, 6:57 PM

Two UFO low fly reports in two days caught witnesses off guard and without cameras in California and Texas - while three F18s apparently attempted to intercept in one case.

A Poway, CA, witness was standing outside in the mid-day sunshine under a perfect blue sky March 27 when an oval-shaped bright light moved across the southern horizen over a 10-second period. Three minutes later two F18s traveling from the northeast moved into position where the witness lost sight of the object. The jets circled the area and then continued flying in a southwest direction. Thirty seconds later, a second F18 came from the same direction and "loitered" in the area for three minutes before moving southwest.

Miramar Marine Corps Air Station is just southwest of Poway.

In Texas on March 26, a witness reported watching a triangular-shaped object with 6 to 8 dim lights on the bottom moving silently across the sky at about 5,000 feet.

The unedited reports from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database are below.

Please remember that these cases may be under investigation by MUFON, and many sightings can be resolved as natural phenomena or man-made. We will report back with MUFON field investigation news as it comes in.

BRIEFLY - One of our readers brought this Youtube-posted video to my attention, shot over Pomona, CA, on March 23. Youtube username sonofliberty123 provided the following description of the video.

"Something we recorded on march 23rd, 09 over Pomona Ca. I am not saying its a ufo but it was something weird. The object hovered about 5 blocks from were it was recorded.It hovered around for about an hour,the light you see is actually the sun reflecting from the metallic looking object.At times the object seemed to look like a narrow triangle.If you have any questions feel free to message me."


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