UFO Congress dispels doubts about extraterrestrial life

March 2, 8:42 AM
by Michael Salla, Ph.D., Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner

The 18th International UFO Congress and Film Festival has just ended a week-long series of presentations into UFOs and extraterrestrial life with its annual finale of film awards. High on the list of award winning films were those featuring live footage of unidentified flying objects along with documentation and results of investigations. Approximately 900 attendees watched presenters show their best evidence of a phenomenon firmly pointing to the existence of extraterrestrial life. A key part of the Congress were many presentations that focused on the public policy implications of UFOs and extraterrestrial life. If anyone attending the Congress held serious doubts about UFOs and their national security implications, what they witnessed would have been more than enough to dispel these.

The annual Congress is the largest UFO conference in the United States featuring a full seven days and nights of presentations, films and activities that focus on the UFO phenomenon. Excellently promoted and organized by an international Board of Directors, the Congress features many of the most prominent researchers and cases dealing with UFOs and extraterrestrial life. Many presentations impressed me with the rich public policy implications of the material presented. This is part of the emerging field of exopolitics that actively encourages UFO researchers to focus on the public policy implications of evidence concerning extraterrestrial life. A number of members of the Hawaii based Exopolitics Institute attended the Congress and presented. I was invited to attend and presented for the third time since 2005. This once again gave me the chance to view an event that has become a rite of passage for those exploring the UFO phenomenon for the first time.

The first Congress presentation was by Paola Harris who sits on the board of directors for both the International UFO Congress and the Exopolitics Institute. She discussed the role of Hollywood and its various depictions of UFOs as a means of educating people of the reality of extraterrestrial life. Her presentation firmly pointed to a secret public policy to prepare humanity for future announcements concerning extraterrestrial life

Many presenters offered persuasive documentation and film evidence of UFOs. These included Ed Grimsley who showed extensive infrared photos and film of what appeared to be dogfighting UFOs. Veteran Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan showed fleets of UFOs over Mexico City. He also showed persuasive film footage of an Italian contactee, Antonio Urzi, who has some of the clearest photos and film images of flying saucers ever captured. Haktan Akdogan, another director from both the Congress and Exopolitics Institute, showed some of the most significant UFO sightings ever taken. These were from a Black Sea location of Kumburgaz, 20 miles from Istanbul in 2007-2008. The Kumburgaz/Istanbul sightings clearly showed a metallic flying saucer with what appeared to be two extraterrestrial beings looking through a porthole.

One of the most popular presenters was Jeff Peckman, a relative newcomer to the UFO and exopolitics fields who discussed how to organize ballot initiatives in different states. He emphasized how many counties and towns recognize the legislative power of the people through ballots. He discussed his 2008 Denver Ballot initiative and how similar efforts in other states can help propel public awareness of UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

The topic of my presentation was President Eisenhower’s alleged meeting with extraterrestrial ambassadors on February 20/21, 1954. I showed the results of my five year investigation into the meeting which has been helped by recent whistleblower statements showing such a meeting did occur. Documentary evidence of Edwards Air Force base being in shut down mode for three days during the event was also cited. Some controversy preceded my presentation due to electrical power outages in Las Vegas that led to the postponement of a Coast to Coast radio interview on the first night of the Congress. I was scheduled to discuss my new book and presentation with George Knapp one of the hosts of the highly popular radio program. Due to the ‘accidental’ power outage, millions of Coast to Coast listeners were denied the opportunity to hear the most up-to-date evidence of the meeting on its 55th anniversary. Strangely, the 18th international UFO Congress itself experienced a major power outage due to problems in the Las Vegas electrical grid during a presentation featuring recent Italian film footage of flying saucers.

While there may be some doubts over ultimate responsibility for lights on the ground mysteriously going out when the UFO topic is discussed, there is less doubt as to the true origins of mysterious lights in the sky. Most leaving the 18th International UFO Congress are more convinced than ever that extraterrestrial life is visiting our planet. Upcoming UFO and exopolitics conferences at Aztec New Mexico (March 27-28) and the annual X-Conference (April 17-19) in Gaithersburg, Maryland will give greater clarity into mysterious lights in the sky. The X-Conference in particular will provide a stellar cast of public policy experts prepared to expose the lies on the ground covering up the true origins of perennial lights in the sky.


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