Octopus UFO filmed in Brazil IS NOT A UFO

I have seen this video and many others in many UFO sites. Even though I would love to bring this forward as real I have to discard this one.

This is one of the videos that have been going around the internet:

Here's another one:

These are giant paper hot air baloons. Yes, it is still done in Brazil, apart from the fire hazards. It is illegal but many people still do it, I grew up watching many of these flying across the sky, (back then it was still legal to do so) They have many shapes. Some have lanterns, sometimes hundreds of them with small candles in them, and those are usually launched at night. Some have also fireworks attached to them. This is a big huge illegal "business" that still happens there, although now less than what I used to see growing up. June is the month when you see most of these baloons in the sky. And every kid runs to 'catch" a baloon that is falling down, it is some sort of "prize" for them.

Here's a Google translation of what these are. Here's the original link, in Portuguese.

And here are more videos of these baloons being launched.

DVD Capital Ecológica 8 - Compre Já! Www.papelecola.com

Manufacturing UFOs in Campinas SP Brazil -

Here's some with lanterns.

Giant Paper Hot Air Balloon (Modelado 10m - Turma Do Jaca) - The funniest videos clips are here

if you wish to perform your own google search on these, look for the words:

Giant Paper Hot Air Baloons
Festa Junina


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Nice try but can you explain how the 'balloon' changes shape throughout the duration of the clip?

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