Antartica's Davis Station webcam captures UFO

This footage was captured last friday, April 10th, 2009. The picture is captured using a video camera at the station at McQuarie Island, and sent via a permanent satellite link to the Australian Antarctic Division's Headquarters located at Kingston, Tasmania.

This picture is usually updated automatically every 10 minutes. The date/time on the picture shows local Davis time, which is 3 hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time and 7 hours ahead of UTC (GMT). During winter the daylight hours are very short. At times drifting snow, or equipment malfunction may interrupt the picture.

In this video you will see 2 bright lights. The first light you will see is the UFO, as there seems to be nothing else there to explain why did it shine brighter than the second light on the video (which is the sun) and why it dissapeared right in front of the camera. Notice also that the first light flies in the opposite direction of the sun (second light).

Davis Webcam link:

Thank you YouTube user Streetcap1 for the footage.

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