EBE/UFO sighting in North Carolina warns of World War III

I decided to post this since it brought back a dream I had myself, a dream that felt so real to me.

About two months ago, I had two dreams in two consecutive nights. I could not see anything but a face of a red haired lady who resembled a human but I know, somehow, she wasn't human. Or should I say, I could FEEL she wasn't human. I still feel that sensation and I don't know how to explain it. Her hair reminded of Medusa, the greek goddess, her curls were all over her face. She was very, very pretty, a sweet looking face. I didn't feel threatened by her face, nor scared. In that dream I was looking really close at her face, as if her face was not farther than a few inches from mine. i could see nothing else but her face right in front of mine, as if she was examining me. My eyes were moving up and I remember seeing her small chin, her mouth with no expression or smile, her tiny nose, her eyes (looking down, or maybe closed) and finally her big wavy red hair. Then, I woke up.

The following night I had the exact same dream. The only difference was, when I finally saw her eyes, they opened, and they were like two orange fire orbs, and she gave me a faint, almost imperceptible smile.

When I woke up I went straight to Google and looked for photos or CGI that resembled her. The photos shown here are the closest ones I could get.

A few of you already know of this dream. I just considered it as a weird dream but it still puzzled me. Reading the post below brought me back this dream and I wanted to share with everyone...now read the post below and you will understand why:

Source: MUFON/ The Canadian

Edited by Albert S. Rosales


The following apparent UFO and alien abduction took place at about 2:10 am in North Carolina (exact location not given) on 30 November 2008.

The witness (involved in other encounters) had fallen sleep and was woken up by a bright light coming through the window, next thing she knows she is on a stretcher accompanied by a short grey, which lets her know he wants to hurt her (!). Then a tall grey humanoid appears and dismisses the short grey with a wave of his hand. He then rubs the witness forehead and lets him know he is ok. They communicate by using telepathy.

She is then scanned by a machine that looks like an upside “L” usually that’s all they do but this time the short grey came in and gave her an injection in her inner right upper arm which was very painful. Then she was taken to what she describes as a waiting room to go home, still on a stretcher. Then a bright redheaded woman comes in and takes his hand in hers (but she has four claws instead of hand like humans) and says “come with me”. She gets up and goes with her.

She is already terrified because of the injection and the fact that she had never seen a woman there. The woman has bright red long hair, with what appeared to be a crown on her head. She has white skin very beautiful dark deep set blue slanted upward eyes, a small nose and a round mouth and actually talks like a human and her mouth moves. She was dressed in a shimmering silver gown with a dark purple hooded robe over it. She is wearing a dark deep blue diamond shaped stone that glows brilliantly and bright. She has a kind and trusting voice.

The witness was impressed with the woman and does not know if she is a queen or princess. She is still partly afraid because she doesn’t know what she wants with her. She saw no feet but her gown did drag the floor. She leads her to a room with children of all ages, from small to what he would consider to be teenagers. They all come running up to her as if they knew her and all looked like 2 people she knows and herself. They were all trying to touch her and most did.

Then they went into another room which had embryos and foetuses. There were hundreds so it seemed, they also had something over their eyes because they were in bright lights. They looked human but had no visible sex organs. Then the woman says, “Come on” and they leave. They walk down a hall to what appears to be a large picture window in a house. She tells her “to look through it”.

What she saw appears to have been the future. There was a bloody war in the U.S. and other countries and it was very graphic, he began to cry and said she didn’t want to see anymore and turns away. But she yells at her to look, so she did, what she saw this time was death, many people dying some of sickness others via suicide and others murdered. Some she knew and some she had never seen before.

Finally she told her that she had seen enough and refused to look back in the window. She kept saying, “We are not through” over and over again. She kept saying, “No, no”! Then she was back on her bed and for a while she could not move or speak. But as soon as she could she asked her husband where did the bright light go and where did the grays and that woman go. He said he didn’t see anything as usual. She got up at 6:00 am tired and drained of energy.

When she went to put her clothes on she noticed bruise marks on both sides of her abdomen, so her husband took pictures of them and a red area in her inner right arm. As the day went on the bruise on her stomach became redder and resembled scratch marks. The witness took additional photos.

Source:Mufon LINK

Editorial reference: LINK

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