Historic disclosure: Brazil’s secret Government UFO files revealed

This has been translated from http://www.ufo.com.br/textoC.php and Michael Cohen blogged this about 7 hours ago:

Michael Cohen

In what is a milestone and historic event for Brazilian ufology and for ufologists around the world Brazil’s UFO community has gained access to previously classified top-secret UFO files.
The UFO community headed by the CBU or Commission of Brazilian Ufologists has been fighting for access to these files for a number of years under freedom of information provisions and appears to have emerged from this battle victorious.
The Government has previously released in stages various files on the topic depending on their level of classification but has now agreed to release files, for the purposes of study, on even the most significant and highly classified UFO events, including the famous and most coveted files of all: the ones pertaining to Brazil’s own ‘Roswell’ incident the 'Varghina affair' as well as the notorious ‘Official Night of the UFOs’.
On this night, back in May of 1986, twenty UFOs were tracked by radar and chased by six military planes. The then minister of Aviation, Brigadier General Otavio Moreira Lima confirmed the event and later went on record stating that he believed humanity would soon make contact with extraterrestrials.
The minister also stated that Brazil had the right to reveal to its population the reality of the existence of aliens if the need arose without America’s permission. He then went on to make the interesting remark that while many people were ready to accept the idea of aliens many were not ready for this kind of information. More on this incident can be read about here on the CBU website.
The CBU has met with senior representatives of the Air Force on a number of occasions. During those meetings the ufologists were able to see and examine but not study in detail the various top-secret files that were presented by the Air Force, including those regarding the 1986 incident.
Already late last year they gained access to the files pertaining to ‘Operation Prato’, an extensive military investigation into widespread UFO incidents in the Amazon. Villagers alleged that they were being attacked and injured by UFOs and even organised night vigils to protect themselves.
Twenty years after this event the Captain in charge of the operation, Uyrange Nogueira was interviewed by a UFO researcher and admitted to witnessing UFOs and being of the opinion aliens were involved. Three weeks later he was found dead, hung by his belt. More on this remarkable incident can be read about here.
Now the ufologists are working on the details of a working relationship with the Air Force that will allow them to permanently access and utilise even these top-secret files as well as collaborate with the military to understand the UFO phenomena.
Rafael Cury, one of the heads of the CBU recently noted that ‘This represents a coming of age for Brazilian ufology’.
Indeed. With the Air Force releasing its UFO files to ufologists and conceding that they don’t understand what the craft involved are and are happy to co-operate to gain an understanding, this event might be the closest any government has come to disclosure. Ufologists around the world will undoubtedly be filled with optimism by these developments.
CBU Website homepage


I am fluent in the portuguese language and will review it and make changes, but for now I wanted to bring it forward the original so I am posting a Google translation, as is:

The official night of UFOs

Three hours that shook and had placed in alert the Brazilian aeronautical institutions

Marcos Petit , co-publisher

1986 one year was that forever marked the Ufology of our country, having today, during the procedures of the UFOs campaign: Freedom of Information Already, unquestioned and significant importance. What it happened in 1986 serves of base of supporting of the petition that the Brazilian ufologists make to the Federal Government, so that it recognizes the reality of flying objects not identified and its not terrestrial origin, so that it opens the archives that it possesses, locked under seven keys in the Aerial Command of Defense Space Brazilian (Comdabra), complex center of the operations of defense of the aerial sovereignty in Brazil. In the night of 19 of May of that year, the Brazilian Air Force (BAF) one more time was front the front with flying records on skies of our country. More than 20 identified flying objects had not been detected by the radars of the Cindacta and pursued by huntings of the BAF, in the case of bigger simultaneous flying record concentration on the Brazilian Territory of that if it has notice. In the following day to the incident, the proper minister of the Aeronautics, Brigadier General Octávio Júlio Moreira Rasp, pronounced it rare respect, divulging details of the incident and – at a moment in our country – placing the pilots of the huntings that had pursued the UFOs to the disposal of the journalists. In the chance, in national net of tevê, Moreira Rasp he promised to present a report detailed on the episode in 30 days. But, if it really was produced, never was divulged the public.

The history of what it is known in our Ufologia as “ Official Night of the UFOs in Brazil ” started in the Valley of the Paraíba, around the city of Is Jose of the Fields, to the 83 km of São Paulo. The avistamentos had had beginning of the night, for return of 18h30, when of the tower of control of the airport two luminous objects of color had been noticed orange, to the 15 km of distance of the aerodrome of the city. The approximately the 2,000 objects were height m, lined up with the axle of the track of landing and take-off. To 19h00, the Control center of Approach of São Paulo (agency that inside controls and guides the aircraft of a terminal area, until the efetivação of the landings) and the Area control centre (that monitorial the aircraft of the calls airways) had inside confirmed for the Control center of Approach of Are Jose of the Fields the detention of three devices not identified in the region. To 19h40, of inside of the control tower, two objects, putting into motion themselves of north had been sighted more the west, that if had located above of first the UFOs, remaining immobilized during long time. To 20h00, the Integrated Center of Aerial Defense and Control of Air traffic (Cindacta) already caught in its screens 8 unknown targets – the calls “ traffic hotel ” for the Comdabra.

Comment and radarização

But the phenomena were only starting. To 20h30, another extremely luminous UFO was seen heading in direction to the Mountain range of the Sea. The device was initially to a distance of 60 km, but after that it was come close until arriving about 20 km of the tower of control of the airport, for soon later if moving away, being folloied through the screens of the radar, beyond visually. Half hour later, the twin-engine airplane Xingu of the Brazilian Company of Aeronautics (Embraer), piloted for Alcir commander Pear tree Da Silva, was come close to the track of the airport of Is Jose to settle and perceived the presence of the UFOs.

On board the airplane he was also colonel Ozires Silva, who left the presidency of the company to assume the command of Petrobra's. The flying objects already were being detected for the Cindacta have some time when Alcir decided to pursue one of them. The proper Ozires, excitadíssimo with the fact, decided to assume the command of the twin-engine plane, initiating the pursuit to one of the devices. But it did not obtain a bigger approach of it, that it made with that the object disappeared ahead of the eyes of its persecutors. Minutes later, when already it was prepared to settle, the Xingu it left again to the search of the other object, that very emitted a strong and colored light and if it put into motion in direction to the city of Mogi of Cruzes (SP), low the altitude. Little before settling, at the moment where the twin-engine plane sobrevoava a refinery of Petrobra's, its occupants had observed more three objects, also low the altitude and heading in direction to the Mountain range of the Sea.

To 21h40, still from the airport of They are Jose of the Fields, one more time was noticed a yellow luminous sphere, of great dimensions, having in its neighborhoods several other lesser and spherical objects, that emitted white light. It was a true aerial show. Passed some minutes more, another UFO appeared in the sky with identical characteristics, joining it excessively, in the same position, creating a formation – the ship biggest occupied the central position. In way to such situation, they had started to be set in motion in gradual way three huntings F-5E, the Base of the Air Force of Santa Cruz, in Rio De Janeiro, and three Mirage airplanes, of the Base of Anápolis, in Goiás. All the huntings had passed to be commanded by the land control for the targets, that at this moment already infested the screens of the radars of the Cindacta, creating difficulties for the proper control of air traffic. Lieutenant Cléber Marine Caldas, who piloted one of the F-5E, pursued during some minutes an object that emitted intense a red light. Although to reach the limit of speed of its airplane, this was not enough to allow a bigger approach, it took what it to abandon the persecution.

Aerial persecution

Already captain Armindo Souza Viriato de Freitas, who piloted one of the Mirage, evidenced through its edge radar the evolutions of some objects. One of the UFOs called it to it attention special form: it presented, suddenly, an amazing acceleration and disappeared. According to pilot, in question of seconds the device reached the speed of Mach 15, that is, more than 10 times the speed developed for the hunting of French manufacture that he piloted. It was evident that our more modern airplanes were far from being able to compete with those devices. However, captain Márcio Brizolla Jordão, that lead another F-5E, had more luck: in determined moment, in way to the persecutions, the pilot was folloied by 13 objects, being six of a side and seven of the other. During some instants, the controllers of the Cindacta had been without knowing as to proceed, as to guide captain Jordão, who of persecutor passed to be escorted by those devices.

All the movement was folloied intently by the radar operators. First the UFOs that had appeared on Is Jose of the Fields, and that they had left when the huntings if had approached, they had come back to evolve on the region with the return of the airplanes to its bases. The Moreira minister Rasp, in an attitude without parallel, burst the programming of the nets of tevê in the following day and personally he divulged the events of that night. In a collective one for the press the proper pilots had been presented who had participated of the operation, that they had informed despite, beyond high speed developed for objects, its trajectories many times were erratic, with vertical displacements and in zigzag. In accordance with a sigiloso document of the Ministry of the Aeronautics, of which some details had leaked, had been detected 21 objects not identified through the radars of the air traffic control centres. This is one of the documents that the pledged Brazilian ufólogos in the UFOs campaign: Freedom of Information Already wants to see divulged.

As declaration of the captain of the Aeronautics Basílio Baranoff, member of the Institute of Space Activities of Centro Técnico Aeroespacial (CTA), that it compiled all on details to these events, the UFOs had come back to evolve on Is Jose of the Fields in the night of day 29 of May of the same year, being again detected through radar – fact who had not been divulged for our authorities at the time. In the truth, in the end of May and at the beginning of June of 1986, diverse other manifestations of these devices they were being registered in some points of the country, in way to a great ufológica wave. Flying objects had been filmed in the States of Rio De Janeiro, São Paulo, Paraná etc.

Although the evidences and, also, of the initial depositions of the involved military with the case of the night of day 19 of May, one more time, members of our scientific community had given demonstrations of as they are unprepared to treat the subject. Instead of looking for to investigate the case seriously, they had emitted the most absurd explanations for the phenomena. Each one, in particular, defending a distinct point of view. The only thing that seemed to join these men of science was the explicit desire to total ignore the related basic details to the phenomena. More shining meteors, planets and some stars would be, for them, the cause of that happened in the night of day 19 of May of 1986. This arrogant attitude front to the stranger, on the part of our scientists, harmed a bigger opening and clarification of all the details of the case, that already had been initiated through the courageous attitude of Brigadier General Moreira Rasp. The official report that had been promised for 30 days never was divulged and the episode finished falling in the esquecimento, with the contribution them our medias, that had not charged of our authorities the spreading of the truth.

Magnetic anomalies

In 1991, that is, five years after the facts, the researcher and co-publisher of UFO Rafael Cury, president of the National Association of the Ufólogos of Brazil (ANUB), directed to the Ministry of the Aeronautics a craft charging the spreading of the report, with the conclusions of the inquiries. The reply, dated of 18 of September of the same year, and signed for Brigadier General Fernando Mendes Walnut, head of the Center of Social Communication of the Ministry of the Aeronautics (Cecomsaer), declared textualmente:

“ the inarredável commitment with the administrative transparency means and immediate reply to the public opinion of the subjects of its interest ready, protected those whose text recommends classification of some order. In the episode which Mr. if relates, all the treatment available technician for the agencies of the Ministry of the Aeronautics, responsible by the control of the Brazilian airspace, was used and the conclusions in send the anomalies to them magnetic that if had transformed into plots [Term that means points in the screens of the radars of control of aeronautical movements]. In the case in question, all the military apparatus of defense of the airspace was mobilized without, effectively, any visual contact was made that justified the presence of that one (s) plot (s). The Ministry of the Aeronautics, in the quality of national institution, cannot be moved away from its destination and produce inferences regarding subjects that do not bring in its bulge a technician-scientific endorsement enough to define an opinion ”.

He is curious that Brigadier General Fernando Mendes Walnut, at the same time where he presents as conclusion for the case the such magnetic anomalies, makes mention that is not of the design of the Ministry of the Aeronautics “… to produce inferences regarding subjects that do not bring in its bulge a technician-scientific endorsement enough to define an opinion ”. This, increased of the reference made for the military man on the existence of classified subjects, leaves clearly that the history of the magnetic anomalies cannot be taken the serious one. The point more nonsense of the document, however, is the refusal of visual contacts that justified the targets detected in the radars.

Still in 20 of May of 1986, in way to the wave that if did not extinguish, the proper Moreira minister Rasp placed to the disposal of the press the pilots who had taken part in the persecutions and that they had told its comments, this not to be spoken of the kept visual contacts from the airport of Is Jose of the Fields and objects observed for the members of the crew of the Xingu, Alcir commander and colonel Ozires Silva. These witnesses, as all the Brazilian people, deserve more respect. That magnetic anomalies could provoke that spectacle? I had the chance to know has little time a brother of Brigadier General Mendes Walnut, that, when knowing of the content of its reply, was not surpreso, in view of the busy position for it. But surprising it finished me when disclosing that its brother already had had an experience with a UFO.


It is interesting to stand out despite it has few years was gotten the release of a document of the government of the United States, through the Law of Freedom of Informações (FOIA), referring to the case of 19 of May. According to text of this document, the event presents evidences enough them authorities seriously to consider the reality of the UFOs. The document exactly calls the attention for the register some compatible visual contacts with the presence of the targets not identified in the radars. The declarations of Brigadier General Mendes Walnut, evidently, can be understood as a part of disinformation related to the process of ufológico acobertamento – or as a positioning of that it did not desire if to compromise or if to only involve with the subject.

In December of 1996, ten years after the incidents, I had the chance to make an interview with Brigadier General Moreira Rasp, carried through in the Description-Cultural Institute of the Aeronautics (Incaer), directed for it. The former-minister demonstrated interest in taking knowledge of the current period of training of the ufológicas research civil Brazilians, especially what he existed of more forceful and recent regarding the UFOs. I made a brief summary of the more important ufológicos facts, occurrences in recent years and standed out the filmings carried through for Russian and North American astronauts, registering the flying record presence in the terrestrial orbit. Before starting the interview, the Brigadier General in supplied to some details on the Cindacta, emphasizing the quality to them in operational terms of the Brazilian system of control of air traffic. Moreira Rasp answered to all the formulated questions, including the ones that touched in the points most critical.

Questioned regarding the possibility of the relative facts at night Official of the UFOs in Brazil, in May of 1986, to be related to some electromagnetic phenomenon – as the allegation of Brigadier General Mendes Walnut – the former-minister was categorical: it denied such possibility and it affirmed despite those phenomena also could not be explained as any type of known aircraft, because of high speed and of the exerted trajectories, much beyond the technological possibilities of our civilization. According to former-minister gave to understand, this was exactly one of the points that the Ministry of the Aeronautics took to reformulate its position. The truth had a panic distrust case was divulged integrally.

Moreira Rasp affirmed despite colonel Ozires Silva had been beside the point positive when telling to it personally its envolvement with the case and its attempts of if approaching to the UFOs. The former-minister said to be total presumptuous of the existence of other civilizations in the universe, of which, according to it, many certainly would be more advanced than ours. He still confirmed to have personally informed then the president of the Republic Jose Sarney on those facts, in the night of the proper events. From these declarations, we can notice clearly the importance that our military authorities were giving to the events. Evidently, president Sarney was not waked up in the way of the night to be informed of that our huntings were spending combustible following some ilusório phenomenon… In the reality, as Moreira Rasp declared, the Brazilian airspace literally was invaded by unknown flying objects, detainers of one high technology.

North American authorization

In determined moment of the interview, when asked if the Brazilian Government it would have autonomy to recognize officer and public the reality of flying records, without some type of “ authorization ” of the North American government, Moreira Rasp was emphatical. It affirmed that Brazil has autonomy enough to take any type of attitude, without needing the endorsement of any nation, also of the United States. “ Possibly, our Government would make only one notification, informing the governments of other countries ”, declared of categorical form. How much to a possible foreign contact in planetary terms, the former-minister explained: “ One has left of our humanity already is prepared to keep a contact with other extraterrestrial civilizations. However, still unprepared people for an event of this type exist ”.

Subtle, the Brigadier General said to see a certain direction in the control of on information to Phenomenon UFO, but he defended the spreading of the information for the population. “ I am convinced that inside of the next decades she will have a contact between our Humanity and some extraterrestrial civilization ”. Later that the ribbon that we were using to record the interview finished, still I talked sufficiently with the interviewed one, that it disclosed to know some military of the BAF who had also been witnesses of ufológicos phenomena.

Thus, of any form, exactly not divulging in 1986 all the details of the events of 19 of May, the Brazilian Ufologia had much luck in having as minister Brigadier General Octávio Moreira Rasp. How many in its place they would communicate to the Brazilian people the presence of those objects in the Brazilian airspace? We must have in mind that one of them pillars of our society that more they would be shaken by the confirmation of the extraterrena presence is exactly the military sector, therefore the UFOs demonstrate clearly that our inoperative Armed Forces are total front to the technology that they withhold. Exactly thus, it is hour of the Federal Government to give a step to the front and if to join to Chile and Uruguay, to cite nations of our continent, and only to recognize the importance of the subject for the society. E is this that the Brazilian ufólogos want to ask for through the campaign that Magazine UFO promotes.

Landmark Antonio Petit is writer, president of the Of the state of Rio de Janeiro Association of Estudos Ufológicos (AFEU) and co-publisher of Magazine UFO. Its address is: Post office box 89,130, 27655-970 Conservatória (RIO DE JANEIRO).

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