Reporter seeks information on recent UFO sightings

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 1:14 AM CDT

Daily News Staff

NEEDLES - The History Channel's “UFO Hunters” are returning to the Tri-state to investigate a UFO allegedly spotted in the Lake Havasu City area March 17, according to Frank Costigan, KTOX radio investigative reporter.

Costigan and KTOX talk host Dave Hayes were featured in “Alien Crashes,” a special recently broadcast on the History Channel, regarding a UFO siting allegedly made near Needles last May 19.

After the Needles and Lake Havasu sightings, military aircraft were seen in the area, Costigan said.

He said anyone who has seen “UFOs followed by military aircraft” or “unusual military activity in the area,” is urged to call KTOX at 760-326-4500 or e-mail them at The information will be passed on to the “UFO Hunters,” Costigan said.

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