Triangular-shaped UFO's reported in several states

Richard Sanner

Pittsburgh UFO Examiner

There has been an increase in triangular-shaped UFO reports coming in over the past couple of days. While the reports are scattered from all across the U.S., there are some similarities in descriptions. Many people are reporting that the lights seem foggy, hazy, and dim, while the objects appear to be somewhat transparent. The trend continued yesterday (April 16), including the following reports just received......

Bridgeport, Ohio - 4/16/2009

Witness observed lights in a triangular formation traveling west to east. The object was silent and moving very quickly, but was lower, faster and much larger than the normal air traffic coming to and from Pittsburgh International Airport. There were three very faint white lights at each corner.

Englewood, Colorado - 4/16/2009

Two witnesses described seeing a fuzzy, hazy, or possibly transparent object that appeared to be gliding, or being "pulled" along, not propelled, or pushed through the air. The object seemed to be floating, and moved from side to side. It flew across the sky and then over the house and out of view. The object had seven circles, or spheres, in the formation of two sides of a triangle - one at the point, and three on each side. The lights really didn't seem to be lit, but rather dimly glowing, or reflecting light from the city. There was also an appearance of a "shadow" filling in the rest of the triangle, similar to being "cloaked".

Poughkeepsie, New York - 4/16/2009

Several witnesses reported seeing an object with the appearance of an inverted "V", with the point traveling forward. It was made up of five individual lights on each side. The lights appeared to form a single object and traveled at a very odd speed, sliding across the sky with no resistance. The object also appeared to be transparent as the witness couldn't distinguish between the night sky and the object, other than the lights moving in the V pattern.

Los Angeles, California - 4/16/2009

Witness observed a huge triangular-shaped object ,with dim (foggy) lights along the edge, fly overhead. The witness emphasized the size of the object, claiming that it had to be 5-6 times the size of a conventional commercial airliner. The object traveled very slowly towards the west, and the witness could not detect any noise.

Pasadena, Maryland - 4/16/2009

Witness was awakened at approximately 3:00 a.m. to a strange humming sound. The witness described the sound as being similar to a street sweeper in the distance, or a humming sound emitted by an electrical transformer. Upon looking out a bedroom window, the witness observed a black, diamond, boomerang-shaped object drifting over the tree line. There was no light coming from the object, just blackness and a constant humming. The witness further stated that they felt very strange immediately following the event, complaining of back and chest pains.

Belfast, Maine - 4/16/2009

Witness observed an object that was triangular-shaped, with three light lights - one at each point of the triangle; and one or two red lights in the center. The object remained in their field of vision for approximately 10-15 seconds. None of the lights were blinking, and the object did seem to emit a sound similar to that of a conventional jet engine, except muffled.

Burnsville, Minnesota - 4/15/2009

Two witnesses noticed six dim lights in the sky, in the shape of a halo. The sky was clear, and the lights seemed to make up some sort of a disk hovering in the air. The object was observed for almost 30 minutes, before the lights finally started to dim.

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