UFOs in the Bible

(..) I came across a History Channel special entitled "UFOs in the Bible." It is one of the UFO Files series episodes, and the description from the History.com website reads:

"Journey back through time into the mysterious history of UFOs as revealed through ancient biblical texts. Through intensive reinterpretation of early religious documents, researchers believe that they have found evidence of ancient UFO activity. From Elijah's flying "chariots of fire" and Ezekiel's "wheels within wheels in the sky" to the enigmatic aerial phenomenon that lead Moses during the Exodus, we apply a modern perspective to the writings of the Bible in the context of UFOs."

I am not attributing any truth to this, I merely came across it and thought it was interesting and out there. The Bible is fascinating and out there already, even for one who struggles to believe it. To bring in an alien angle makes me laugh, I think I will rewatch the history channel episode, this time on the forefront and not the background.

In the meantime, I will just share some of the things I overheard, though not in great detail. There seems to be a lot of precedence given to flying objects of the Old Testament, and even some instances in the New Testament.

My favorite that I overheard involved Moses and the Israelites exodus, and his time atop the mount inside a spaceship. I wish I had heard more about this version in some of my Bible studies and classes, this would have made for some great debate and conversation. I really don't have much more to share beyond this, I just thought it was interesting, and that it could be interesting to see what response this could bring out.

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