UFOs offer new energy sources, advanced knowledge?

By Steve Hammons


Some people who are curious about reports of extraterrestrial and/or extra-dimensional visitors to Earth have recently noted that advanced energy technologies related to the UFO phenomena could be helpful for us now.

Advocates of this view say national security issues associated with certain foreign oil sources, stress on our economies, effects of related pollution, global climate change and other disadvantages of conventional energy-producing methods indicate that we should explore possible exotic technologies associated with UFOs.

There seems to be agreement across a broad sector of scientists, government officials and others that new, advanced, emerging and leading-edge energy technologies are needed. Solar power, wind turbines, geothermal energy and many other approaches are being explored.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is providing funding for the development of jet fuel from algae. The new federal activity called the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) is also poised to lead the way in these areas.

Certain UFO researchers say that if it is true that we might have some insight into advanced energy technologies obtained over the years from visitors to our planet from elsewhere, then it seems wise to begin higher-tech development of these kinds of resources – if we can figure them out.


For most Americans and people internationally, it remains unproven that there have actually been, or are currently, visitors to Earth from extraterrestrial and/or extra-dimensional locations.

Some researchers in this field, however, claim that legitimate evidence exists strongly indicating that this is the case. Thorough and effective programs of security and confidentiality on this situation have been going on for decades, they say.

Additionally, some who have researched these topics state that certain technologies actually have been discreetly released to private industry over the years.

If this is true, then the pipeline of knowledge about energy technology from such unconventional sources might also be opening up soon.

Of course, it is quite a leap to go from claims of UFO researchers to thinking about practical applications in our energy grid and everyday lives.

Yet, there may be a continuum of intermediaries between those two points that are facilitating the flow and transfer of advanced exotic technologies for practical use today.

Assuming for a minute that there might be some truth to this scenario, shouldn’t we modify security protocols and decades-long habits of secrecy on this topic somewhat to optimize any technical or other knowledge that might be useful?

Although understanding and applying advanced energy technologies would be worthwhile goals, we might also wonder what other benefits we might access if it were true that visitors from elsewhere could be helpful for the human race.


Could there be tremendous medical advances, such as the current DARPA-funded project to regrow human tissue, including the limbs of our troops severely injured in war?

Could we globally mitigate human poverty, hunger, disease, overpopulation, homelessness, natural resources degradation and other problems by applying new knowledge?

If, as some physicists theorize, there may be other unseen dimensions in the “multiverse” around us, what new insights might we achieve by following up on these concepts using advanced understanding from exotic visitors?

Of course, a greater awareness and acceptance by people that we have been, and are now being visited by advanced (and possibly quite different) kinds of intelligent civilizations would be a bit of a shock to many.

At the same time, people who seem to believe that this is the case would say, “I told you so.” However, even they, too, may find certain aspects of this situation uncomfortable, troubling or worrisome.

Some researchers in this field have warned that it all might not be so wonderful. Do we know that all extraterrestrial and/or extra-dimensional visitors would be friendly and have our best interests at heart? No. In fact, there seem to be serious concerns about this.

Such a situation involving multiple kinds of visitors could involve a complexity and sensitivity similar to our human interactions on Earth among friendly nations and groups, allies, adversaries, culture conflicts, competition as well as military, intelligence and security activities.

If there was any truth to ideas of this kind of visitation to Earth, it probably would involve many or all of these elements too.

Optimizing energy technologies from such a situation might be a relatively small part of the overall challenges involved.

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