The Veritas Show - Show 13 - Robert Morning Sky

Running Time : Approx 3hrs 24mins

Originally Aired : March 20, 2009

Robert Morning Sky - The Terra Papers Solution
Robert Morning Sky Website

After a decade of voluntary self retreat from the public and the media, Robert Morning Sky is back and has granted his first interview to the Veritas show. This is fascinating and enlightening interview covering the origins of mankind and what destiny has planned for us on 2012 and beyond. Who are we? Why are we here? What is the Divine Femininity? Who created monotheism? Who created us? Why are women stronger than men? Was Adam really a woman and Eve a man? Who is the Madonna? How did RA alter our view of Isis and Osiris? Who really is Moses? Who built the pyramids?

Why are the pyramids aligned with the Orion constellation? What is the connection between Earth and Orion and Sirius? Who built all the monoliths? What are the Nazca lines for? Why is 19.5° so important and what does it all mean? What will happen in 2012? What does the prophecies from Babylonians, Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas and the Dogons mean? Are we humans or extraterrestrial?

Is David Icke correct about the reptilians? Where do we go from here? What is the Terra Papers Solution? For an in depth examination of all these questions and much more, listen to this show.

Robert Morning Sky travels almost constantly, mesmerizing audiences large and small around the world. He demonstrates traditional native American dances, then tells his story in living rooms, theatres, in school auditoriums, on radio and TV shows and in personal interviews -- anywhere people will listen to him. He has quickly become a favorite speaker at expo’s and UFO conventions.

His words resonate with truth. People receive answers to far more questions than they could ever think to ask, and they come back to hear him again and again. morning sky has been subjected to several burglaries at his office with confidential files and computer equipment stolen. His travel trailer was vandalized.

His life has been threatened. He has suffered great losses, but he made a promise to his grandfather, and that promise will not be broken, no matter the cost. In his own words: "My name is Robert Morning Sky. I am a nobody, I am no one special. I am, however, a dancer who has had the extraordinary privilege of performing an honoring dance for the ‘ancient ones’ of the world at literally dozens of sacred sites. To perform these honorings in the right way, I have studied the oldest scriptures and words of the ‘ancient ones’.

To distinguish the miraculous from the natural phenomena of the world, I have had to study different science disciplines, the way the human mind works, and the many kinds of shamanism and magic of the ancient world. What I have found is astonishing. The future of our world is in the hands of our young ‘seekers’.

In the hopes that I can help today’s young ‘seekers’ join hands with the ‘ancient ones’, I share my journeys with you. “the truth is hidden behind the ‘reality’ used to control the masses...” “There were many reasons that led to my eventual decision to withdraw from the speaker’s circuit as soon as my one-year commitment to my grandfather was complete. When the year was over, I began my journeys to visit ancient sacred sites and to pay my respects to the ‘ancient ones’. I also began to search out those individuals, both civilized and primitive, who could help me in my search for answers to the mysteries of the world. Truly, in many cases, I went into the ‘shadows’: hidden canyons, hidden ruins, hidden corridors in civilized institutions and hidden back rooms for conversations with individuals who did not want their identities revealed.”

And now to all our Veritas fans - you are about to share something special - sit back and close your eyes - now picture yourself on the desert floor surrounded by a mosaic of ruby red and burnt orange mesas - and above you the vast expanse of the milky way and the twinkling dancing stars and soft glow of a beautiful shining moon ...

and now listen to the history of a people - and to the cosmic questions and debates that men and women have shared since the first fire was sparked and the first human stood upright and ask why and who she was .....

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