The Veritas Show - Show 17 - Bob Emenegger

Running Time : Approx 2hrs 19mins

Bob Emenegger's story is potentially one of the best UFO stories of all time.

The UFO landing at Holloman Air Force Base. Bob Emenegger, a natural skeptic, and his business partner, are invited by the U.S. Military to receive UFO footage filmed by the same military to be used in their film.


Bob Emenegger is a screen writer and director for many documentaries, television specials, and feature films for TV syndication, he is a 1965 UCLA graduate in film and winner of numerous first place awards and gold medals in domestic and foreign film festivals.

He is the producer and director of ten original science fiction feature films and four two hour documentaries for TV: Laboratory, Psi factor, Captive and Time Warp. Other samples of Emenegger's works from who's who in entertainment include: The Day the Silence Came; Hypnosis and Beyond; Is Everyone Happy But Me? And Death: The Ultimate Mystery.

He received a golden globe nomination for his film: UFOs Past, Present & Future. He directed live musicals starring Carl Burnett. Music for a dozen pop single records on Capitol, Mercury and other labels.

Album on ABC music for TV series Lance Link; songs recorded by Kenny Rogers, Glen Yarbrough and others. He also scored films and TV spots.

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