X-Conference '08 --Robert Emenegger

Running Time : Approx 30mins

Robert Emenegger has a long career as an accomplished and successful creative artist and executive. For a two decade period just prior to the rise of cable networks and the Internet, he was a producer, writer, director, composer and actor in a plethora of creative projects. It was also during this period that he intersected with the UFO/ET issue in a rather spectacular fashion - a story which must await Disclosure to be fully understood. That extraordinary intersection will be the subject of his presentation. He is the author UFO's Past Present and Future which sold nearly one million books for Ballantine. His 1988 film UFO's: It Has Begun was an update of UFOs Past Present Future and featured Rod Serling, J. Allen Hynek, heads of Project Blue Book, 2 Pentagon spokesmen, Jose Ferrer, Burgess Meredith, Dr Leon Festinger, along with Jacque Vallee and animal mutilations.

A comprehensive compilation Robert's creative life is provided care of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).
His executive career included Vice President and Director of Creative Services for Grey Advertising, Inc. creating/supervising national TV campaigns for Taco Bell, Honda, Bank of America. Gallo, Franzia wines, Princess Cruises, Dial Soap products, and others. He was co-owner of Pico/Bronson Film Studios (LA) where he was also writer/director/producer of 5 TV Specials and 10 original Science fiction Feature Films for prime time television featuring such talent as William Shatner, Tom Smothers, Rod Serling, Fred Willard, Rudy Vallee, Adam West, Jose Ferrer, Cameron Mitchel and many others.

Notably Robert consulted to the re-election committee for President Richard Nixon and helped create a public awareness program for funding the incipient Space Shuttle program. He has also consulted to Universal Studios developing marketing for films such as Harry and the Henderson's. The Money Pit, Out of Africa, and Cry Freedom.
Other accomplishments include 25 television commercials selected for the National Television Achives; writing the words and music and directing musicals starring Carol Burnett; writing music and lyrics for a dozen pop single records on Capitol, Mercury and other labels with songs recorded by Kenny Rogers, Glen Yarbrough and others; scoring numerous films and TV spots; and the network series Lancelot Link.

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