High Strangeness: Clarifying My Position - by Richard M. Dolan

May 8, 6:55 PM

We are publishing this OpEd by Richard M. Dolan arising out of our http://www.facebook.com/l/;Examiner.com article on Laura Knight-Jadczek's book, High Strangeness in the interest of journalistic balance.

High Strangeness: Clarifying My Position

by Richard M. Dolan

An article appeared today, written by Alfred Webre, about myself and the writer Laura Knight Jadczek. If you have not read the piece, you can read it here.

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Some months ago, I wrote a positive review of Laura's book, High Strangness. When I wrote it, I knew it would bother some of my previous readers. Throughout all of my research into the UFO phenomenon and its related aspects, I have striven to maintain as much detachment and objectivity as possible. As anyone involved in this field knows, that isn't always easy, but it must always be the goal. I continue to strive for that goal to this day.

The intensity of reactions of that review was greater than I expected, although realistically I should not have been surprised. What I said then, and what I say now, is that having known Laura, I see her as honest and undeluded. I cannot say, and have never stated, that the scenario she has discussed in her writings is definitely true. What I do say is that I look at it as a valid working hypothesis.

It is important for us to distinguish what we know to be true from certain things that may be true. I do not know that Laura's work regarding the so-called Casseopians is true, but I continue to hold it out as a possibility, or as a possible aspect to the greater truth. The fact that her material has been "channeled" is problematic for many, I understand that. But my own investigation into such phenomenon as remote viewing have persuaded me that there are legitimate examples of such unconventional insights.

I would like to add that any personal assessments of her work, or the work of anyone else for that matter, are separate matters from the historical work I have just completed: UFOs and the National Security State, The Coverup Exposed, 1973 to 1991. This book fully continues the path I set out on when I finished the first volume. It is as careful a historical analysis as I could bring to the topic, and I am looking forward to seeing it in print very soon.

Opinions are opinions. Facts are facts. While I personally support Laura and believe she is honest, I cannot and will not state that I know her scenario to be true. We cannot know this. What we can do is to keep all possibilities in mind with something as radical as the UFO reality.

Richard M. Dolan

Rochester, NY

May 8, 2009

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