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A little history on Maximillien De Lafayette.

"Maximillien de Lafayette lived in a magical world of arts, music, travel, adventures, drama filled with superstars, composers, singers, painters, authors, adventurers, newsmakers and starving artists, celebrities, characters and people you hear about, you read about but you could not meet. He mingled with celebrities, controversial figures, fascinating and legendary people, leaders, hustlers, preachers, sinners, cabaret owners and homeless shelters keepers, philanthropists and soldiers of fortune, achievers and big time trouble makers. They became part of his life and his lifestyle, writings and delightful madness. And de Lafayette -a son tour- became part of their world...He produced more than 2,000 paintings, authored 150 books, dictionaries and encyclopedia and wrote 20,000 articles, and threw everything away! What a waste!"

When de Lafayette talks or writes about you, your art, your books, your talents and the "things" you do best, only words of kindness, love and appreciation come out of his mouth and pen. He never criticized or ridiculed anybody. The majority of powerful critics and pompous journalists do that. De Lafayette was humble despite the enormous power he had. His columns were read by more than 4 million readers every single month. Such journalistic power corrupts the best of us. But, Maximillien de Lafayette used his pen to help and promote people. Perhaps once or twice -in his 20 year career as critic, historian and syndicated journalist- he wrote a sharp review about a decadent art show in London and two art exhibitions in New York city. De Lafayette wrote approximately 20,000 articles in so many fields, 40 of them, ranging from religion, fashion and cosmology to theater, magic, war and injustice.

MAXIMILLIEN de LAFAYETTE appeared as a guest on History Channels UFO HUNTERS Show on Wednesday 13th May 2009.

After appearing on a previous UFO Hunters UFO Hunters - Underwater Alien Bases, The History Channel, and UFO Hunter Producers and hosts invited de Lafayette to appear a second time on their show to talk about AUTEC, the secret military base in the Bahamas. De Lafayette talked about the secret Aliens-United States joint programs, and the development of exotic weapon systems, and the new Aliens-USA technology of the 21th century.

This also includes parallel universes, time-space travel, the Bermuda Triangle, and so on.

De Lafayette was interviewed by Bill Birnes, technical host of the show, and publisher of UFO Magazine.

The investigators monitor the activity of the AUTEC (Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center), which is used by the U.S. Navy for underwater research, but the increasing reports of UFO and USO activity surrounding the facility have lead to rumors the base is testing alien technology.

Following the UFO Hunters Season 3 Episode - Underwater Area 51 show :-

Maximillien forwarded us a three part article to update us about The AUTEC Story, and what you did not hear on the show which was boardcasted Wednesday 13th May 2009.

We would like to thank Maximillien de Lafayette, for forwarding us this three part article and for giving us his kind permission to post it.



What you did NOT hear from de Lafayette on the History Channel (UFO HUNTER Episode on AUTEC, the Underwater Area 51)/

Here are some information on AUTEC, taken from Volume 7 of DE LAFAYETTE MEGA ENCYCLOPEDIA OF UFOS, EXTRATERRESTRIALS, ALIENS ENCOUNTERS AND GALACTC RACES, written by Maximillien de Lafayette

Pages: 2583-2584-2738

b - Strange lines underwater:

Several ufologists in the United States have claimed that a number of most unusual and unexplained elongated underwater straight and parallel lines have been photographed from the air. They do believe that these most unusual lines represent underwater “navigation tunnels” used by extraterrestrials, and possibly by a new kind of very sophisticated (Futuristic) American submarines, jointly designed and built by aliens who live underwater in large bases and complex habitats.

In addition, the allegedly strange ruins underwater have given rise to theories of past highly advanced civilizations created by extraterrestrials, that might have reappeared in some unexplained way, but for unknown reasons, they chose to remain incogniti! Thus, some of the USOs, and UFOs are piloted by people from those very ancient and advanced civilizations. They have also claimed that “time and space are mixed up” down there, resulting in time-warps, the bending of time and space, and the disintegration of matter.

c - Sophisticated and exotic aliens’ weapons systems at AUTEC:

Others have suggested that the aliens and the United States government are behind all those strange phenomena and bizarre anomalies. Furthermore, they claim that the aliens and the government are working together on very sophisticated and exotic weapons systems at AUTEC.

Based upon some unsubstantiated, by assumed highly reliable accounts by military scientists and leaks from AUTEC’s high profile employees, the following has been established:

1 - HZP: An acronym for Holographic Zooming Project.

A prototype is en route. The second prototype will be available in 2010.


The extraterrestrial holographic zooming is quite different, and much more complex, complicated and superior.

The extraterrestrial holographic zooming is quite different, and much more complex, complicated and superior. Data and technical specs are kept secret.

However, from talking to an European scientist who is allegedly working on this project with the extraterrestrials, the following was obtained.

The scientist said verbatim, word for word, as is and unedited: “Holography as applied in the project means the projection of a picture or a substance that has been de-fragmented and transported via a grid.

It is similar to what you see reflected in a mirror. However, it is more realistic, because it interacts with you, and can be programmed and reprogrammed.

In other words and simply put, you take anything you want, a tank, a building, a car, a whole city and you create the tank, the building, a city, in a sequence of numbers (ones and zeros). The sequence has its own language and frequency.

The language is used for command. The sequence is used for programming. In doing so, you will be able to know what constitutes the substance and “inertia” of everything in the world. And inertia has also its one substance. And the substance itself can be broken like an atom.

Much more, you can divide the inertia into molecules. Each molecule will have its own sequence, like a DNA. By doing so, you can change and/or totally alter its nature. For example, you take the Empire State Building. You enter its blueprints into the grid. The grid will read its sequence which was created through the re-programming using the code of ones and zeros. At distance, and without even touching the Empire State Building, you can disintegrate it, erase it, and destroyed…you wiped it from the face of the earth by a simple holographic process.

Another fascinating characteristic is the creation of something that does not exist at all.

For instance, you can create a whole city with the holographic grid, and project it on a huge scale, big, as big as a small city. On your grid, it is a virtual image. But on a landscape, it is a reality. Mind you, it is not an alternate reality. It is not a camouflage. It is real. This technique can be used to deceive the enemy, and of course to confuse everybody. You can transport New York from its actual location to another, and substitute/replace it with the holographic projection you have created.”



3 - D.S.I.

ACRONYM FOR DEEP SEA INTEGRATED BUBBLES PROGRAM. It seems likes a meta science fiction story, but the military scientists are vigorously working on the program.

a - D.S.I and the extraterrestrials:

As a matter of fact, they don’t call it anymore program, but system, for it was reported, that D.S.I. is in its final stage.

What is D.S.I.? It is a mystery.

No data or specs are available, because it is beyond top secret. However, it was allegedly reported that D.S.I. is a system created by extraterrestrials, and co-developed by military scientists. It can sink ships without torpedoes, and shoot down airplanes without missiles. In addition, it can melt anything that sails or flies without leaving any trace!

A French-American scientist who claims to be one of the “brains” working on D.S.I., stated (As is, word for word and unedited): “D.S.I. makes things disappear without leaving behind any trace or evidence. It is a formidable source and tool of energy that cannot be detected; a sort of plasma-gas bubbles vortex that can suck up ships and planes and make them vanish.” Asking him, “Is it similar to those notorious rising methane bubbles?”

He laughed, and said: “Yes, on the surface, (For lack of proper wording) but it is more complicated and more destructive than you can imagine. Don’t ask me how the system works? But one thing I can tell you, the energy comes from the bottom of the sea. You know, D. S. I. can open a wide section deep down in the ocean and create a vortex-vacuum capable of swallowing a 85,000 tons ship, in matter of seconds! The ship goes down instantly, and dissipates inside the ‘Hollow-Opening”!! The Atlantis scenario:

Some ufologists and channelers have claimed that AUTEC is sitting on the top of Atlantis. A so-called medium (Well-known by the way) stated, “Because AUTEC is situated above an opening leading to Atlantis, this ideal position allows AUTEC to make ships and airplanes disappear. It is happening, we know it…” Those who believe in the prophecies of Edgar Cayce are convinced that the vanishings of ships in the Bermuda Triangle are caused by a source of energy coming from the bottom of the sea, where Atlantis is allegedly located, and/or seems to reappear from time to time. Rationalists and scientists dismiss the whole idea and call it “Ufolofy nonsense”. However, there is a large group of scientists who entertains the idea, and/or the possibility that a certain kind of gas-bubbles can eventually, and in theory sink a ship. But none attaches this possibility to an extraterrestrial-United States secret program at AUTEC.



B.C.B. “Compressor” and the alien technology:

I. Definition and introduction
II. Synopsis of its mechanism and mode of operation
III. De-fragmenting the molecules
IV. An extraterrestrials-US joint program
V. Viewed by science
VI. A devilish invention
VII. BCB controls your Dopamine and creates new habits
VII. What is Dopamine?


I. Definition and introduction:

Acronym for the Black Conic Box, also called the “Compressor”.
It was reported that the United States military is currently working on phase one of an exotic weapon system known as the BCB.

Testing is done at AUTEC, an American military naval base in the Bahamas. Insiders and scientists nickname the program, or the “gadget” the “Compressor”. The gadget consists of a small black cylindrical container, 1 foot in height by ½ foot in width.

II. Synopsis of its mechanism and mode of operation:

“It is a movable (Mobile) device, that functions without an external source of energy,” claimed a scientist who allegedly is working for the military on an anti-gravity/electro-magnetic project, based on quantum physics.
In other words, it works without an electric current, batteries, or any similar source of power. It is neither electronic nor atomic.
It is programmable and re-programmable.

It draws its energy from within. An internal cell located in the very inner circle of the cone emits an enormous amount of “sucking power” capable of absorbing, transporting, resizing, and condensing a large amount of contents and materials into the cone.

“The ‘sucked up’ materials can be anything, all sorts of things…the box can suck up everything you have in your apartment, absolutely everything, chairs, tables, furniture, your bed, your closets, your clothes and even your pets, melt them like ice-cream and boom, shoot them right in the box…” said a well-informed insider, who allegedly works at AUTEC, where pertinent experiments are conducted.

III. De-fragmenting the molecules:

It was heard from the grapevine, that the “Sucking Power” of this device has the capability of de-fragmenting any object, and reducing it to any desirable size, density, format and weight.

This is based upon the fact, that everything in the universe is made out of molecules, and the density of the molecules dictates the nature, weight and size of any object, any substance, any matter in the world.

By reducing, decreasing, increasing and/or altering the properties of molecules, any object can be reduced and/or enlarged either to the biggest or smallest desired shape, and consequently be transported to any destination, regardless of space and distance.The process can also de-fragment the molecules to a certain point, where the biggest object can fit inside the smallest possible container.

IV. An extraterrestrials-US joint program:

It was allegedly reported that this “sucking device” is an alien technology given by a “non-human race” (Humanoids) closely working with the military in two secret
military bases. A whistleblower claimed that “AUTEC is one of those secret military bases working on 21st and 22nd centuries military technology.”
Some have claimed that this or a similar “Sucking Technology” device was responsible for the vanishing and/or disappearance of many ships and airplanes in the Bermuda Triangle.

A French-American scientist who vaguely described the black box (Sucking Device) stated verbatim, word for word, “Only those anomalies of the Bermuda Triangle that have occurred after September 1958 were unintentionally caused by extraterrestrials-US joint programs. The government is not so vicious to cause all these tragedies. In the first phase of their operation, they (United States) needed some adjustments; they did not know how to regulate the equilibrium and the opening (Sliding and Bumping) of the “Tectonic Vacuum”. It is not exactly a tectonic vacuum, but pretty close.”

V. Viewed by science:

One scientist commented on this puzzling “Sucking Device” and molecules de-fragmentation. He said, “Yes, it could happen in theory, and as a matter of fact, some laboratories are currently working on a similar research, and are studying the multiphoton infrared photoinduced ion-molecule reactions.”

Others spoke about a quasi-similar research, although, it is far from echoing the true nature of the “Black Conic Box”, and explaining how it works. They are talking about the “UV-laser-assisted degradation of poly(methyl methacrylate).”

VI. A devilish invention:

Sucking up your brain, memory and all your personal thoughts:
“The ‘Sucking Machine’ is a devilish, satanic invention. If it falls into the hands of evil people, say good bye to humanity. They could control the whole world,” says a foreign military scientist.

He continues, “It can suck up your whole life, everything you know, everything you are thinking about, your thoughts, your ideas, your health, your memory, your brain, and store them in the conic box. They can reprogram you, and send back information and disinformation to disillusion your brain and screw up your life.”

He went on to say: “The BCB can destroy or confuse a person’s ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is the energy coin of the cell.

When cells are destroyed, molecules and membranes die.

The “Sucking Machine” de-regulates the transfer of energy and all sources of vitality from chemical bonds to your body absorbing energy called Endergonic, and causes destructive reactions in the cell.”

When asked to elaborate further, he replied calmly, “I don’t want to end up like Bender!”

Nota bene: Bender is Albert K. Bender of Bridgeport, Connecticut, who in April 1952, created the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB). The Bureau was very active and extremely successful. But in 1953, and all of a sudden, Bender dismantled the Bureau, stopped publishing his magazine “Space Review”, and ceased all his UFOs writings, activities and investigations.

Some, including the Bureau’s UFO chief investigator, Gray Barker have claimed that Bender was threatened by the CIA, and three men-in black visited Bender in his office, and told him to stop everything, otherwise, he will be imprisoned, and possibly killed.

Apparently, Bender took their threat seriously, and closed down his business. Bender’s silencing inspired the daring Gray Barker to write a best-selling book, “They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucer”.
In the book, Barker wrote about Bender’s silencing, and called it the “Bender mystery”.

Of course, these are only assumptions and unfounded allegations. Nevertheless, Bender went out of business.

VII. BCB controls your Dopamine and creates new habits:

“The BCB can also be used as a “mental weapon”. It controls everything in your mind and in your body. It creates new habits, and makes you addicted to “something you don’t want in your life”. Because it empties your brain from all its contents, and put in (in your brain) new things, new information, new habits, new desires and new thoughts, the person who is operating the machine becomes your master. He is in charge now, and you become his puppet.

The BCB is more than a military weapon…” explained a former military scientist who worked on mind control programs, sponsored by governmental agencies. He added, “In the past, and for many years, the government tried unsuccessfully to understand how this horrible alien technology worked. The scientist aliens who were working with military astrophysicists in underground military installations demonstrated to us how this machine works. But none could really understand what made it work. I think, now, and unfortunately, they have cracked down its secret. But at what price?”

VII. What is Dopamine?

Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter (messenger) in the brain.

Dopamine is classified as a catecholamine (a class of molecules that serve as neurotransmitters and hormones).

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