12-12 Crop Circle

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This formation was harvested 12-08-2009


This beautiful formation has appeared at Wayland Smithy on this day August 12th, The number 12 is significant within this design.

The revelation came when we counted the outer sections of the pattern, and realised the full significance. There is a clear and concise message here, as I’m sure it was no coincidence to turn up on the 12th August. This important formation with regard to its numerology, not only signified that this date was part of the message, but also of the overall design. On closer inspection of the design, there is a remarkable resemblance to Gothic Architecture, especially Rose Windows, seen in many cathedrals from the 13th Century throughout many parts of Europe.

Rose windows utilise geometry on three levels: manifest, hidden, and symbolic. The 12 divisions throughout this Crop Circle design that are also typically found on Rose Windows all point to the finite and infinite, Earth and Heaven, or matter and spirit, and of course the 12 Disciples.

Numbers had a metaphysical significance in the 13th Century, which is why they incorporated them into the Architecture at the time. The same can also be said for the Crop Circle phenomenon today as this latest Wayland Smithy design demonstrates.

Are we just like the Pilgrims from centuries ago, gazing in wonder and raising subconsciously our awareness of the Divine?

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Dallas New Age Spirituality Examiner

New Crop Circle discovery exemplifies the number 12

August 16, 4:21 PMDallas New Age Spirituality ExaminerSandra Smith

Chartres Rose Window

On August 12, 2009, a new crop circle discovery at Wayland Smithy displays multiple meanings of the number 12. Fascination mounts as the newest crop circle appearance date and message corresponds to the number 12. In 13th century European cathedrals, the Gothic architecture of rose windows remarkably mirrors the pattern of this crop circle. The reverence of numbers and sacred geometry during this century are representative of the designs found in rose windows. Studies of these geometrical designs reveal three types of meanings: clear or the obvious, unknown or concealed and symbolic or representational.

Throughout history, the number 12 holds significance in many realms. In the Bible, there were 12 Tribes of Israel, 12 Apostles, 12 Pearly Gates, 12 Angels, 12 crops of fruit along the River of Life and 12 Precious Stones in the Foundations of the Holy City, Jerusalem. 12 is the product of 3 representing The Divinity and of 4 representing The Earth Elements of Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Seasons of Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. Our calendar contains 12 months relating to the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

Buddhists acknowledge the 4 truths; the fourth truth is also known as the 8-fold path. Within the heart chakra, 12 deep red lotus petals surround the 6-pointed star. Greek mythology contains 12 principal divinities. The Chinese associate 12 animals with a primary energy that rule a 12-year cycle, one at a time.

As you can see, the list of relations to the number 12 is endless. Since 12 is considered the number of wholeness, perfection and government, one might wonder if the message relates to mankind’s search for meaning in this aspect. Images of this crop circle can be found by clicking this link, www.cropcircleconnector.com .

Love & Light! ~ Sandra

Quote for the Day:

“Don’t lose yourself in negligence. Don’t lose yourself in sensuality. For it is the mindful and meditative man who will experience supreme happiness.” ~The Dhammapada


“The Dhammapada”, translated by Ananda Maitreya

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