'Alien baby' in Mexico stumps experts (video)

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An incredible document was released by the Mexican television where they announced the discovery of an alien baby in May 2007 on a farm.
It was found in a trap for animals alive.
Fue encontrado en una trampa para animales con vida.

El sitio spanish.peopledaily.com.cn hace referencia a este descubrimiento hecho hace 2 años atrás y que recientemente la televisión mexicana ha sacado a la luz en donde se pueden ver imagenes del bebé alienígena aún con vida. The site spanish.peopledaily.com.cn refers to this discovery made 2 years ago and recently the Mexican television has brought to light where you can see pictures of the alien baby alive.

Según dice la fuente, los granjeros al encontrar al bebé extraterrestre, se asustaron e intentaron matarlo inmediatamente ahogándolo en agua.
Says the source, farmers to find the baby alien, panicked and tried to kill him by drowning him in water immediately.

La críatura hizo forcejeos, moviendo su cuerpo y gritando en pedido de auxilio. The creature was struggling, moving his body and screaming cry for help. Los campecinos hicieron3 intentos más hasta que acabaron con la vida del bebé alienígena luego de varias horas de que este permaneciera sumergido bajo el agua.
The more attempts to campecinos hicieron3 that ended the life of the alien baby after several hours that remained submerged under water.

Recien a fines del año pasado el granjero que lo encontró, envió el cuerpo del bebé alienígena a una univeridad para que se le realice una investigación cientifica al cuerpe del bebé extraterrestre ya sin vida.
Latest late last year, the farmer who found it, sent the body of a baby alien is Univeridad to conduct a scientific investigation alien baby's body lifeless.

Como resultado de dichos estudios se pudo saber que:
As a result of these studies was informed that:

  • El espécimen del extraterreste no es artificial The specimen is not artificial extraterrestrial
  • La estructura de su cuerpo es muy similar a los de los lagartos. The body structure is very similar to those of lizards.
  • Su dentadura no tiene raíz y puede vivir mucho tiempo bajo el agua Their teeth have root and can not live long under water
  • Muestra características del ser humano como ser: la estructura artícular del cuello. Sample characteristics of human beings as being: the joint structure of the neck.
  • Tiene un cerebro enorme por lo cual los científicos llegarona la conclusión de que se trataba de un ser muy inteligente. It has a huge brain so scientists concluded that it was a very intelligent.
El descubrimiento se hizo en un lugar en donde se sabe que es popular por acontecimientos extraños y apariciones de OVNIS. Asi mismos los granjeros dijeron que al momento de encontrarlo otro alienígena se encontraba junto a él , pero al darse cuenta de la presencia de los campecinos, este último huyó abandonando a la criatura. The discovery was made at a place known to be popular by strange events and apparitions of UFOs. So these farmers said that the time to find another alien was with him, but realizing the presence of campecinos, the latter fled, abandoning the child.

Video del bebé extraterrestre encontrado en méxico
Video of the alien baby found in Mexico


by candice.tsuei | August 26, 2009 at 11:03 am

Mexican TV announced in 2007 that an alien baby was found alive by a farmer in Mexico. Now, it has been two years since it was found, and scientists finally announced the results of their tests on the alien baby: the creature indeed resembles nothing like humans.

According to the scientists' report, the alien baby can stay underwater for a long time, has the skeleton of a lizard, and has rootless teeth which are totally unlike humans' teeth. However, it does have some similar joints to human. The brain of the alien baby is huge, particularly the rear section, which makes the scientists believe that the creature had very high intelligence.

Mexican UFO expert Jaime Maussan (56) was the first to break the story. He claimed it was not a hoax. Farmers also told him that there was a second creature but it ran away when they approached.

Mexican farmer Marao Lopez first spotted the sinister-looking carcass two years ago, and he said that it took him three attemps to drown the creature before ditching it out of fear. Adding to the suspense, Lopez has mysteriously died upon the discovery.

According to American UFO expert Joshua P. Warren (32), the farmer burned to death in a parked car at the side of a road. The flames apparently had a far higher temperature than in a normal fire! Now there are rumours that the parents of the creature Lopez drowned were the ones who in turn killed him out of revenge.


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