Hysteria drives UFO gatekeepers debunking exopolitics pioneers

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Honolulu Exopolitics Examiner

August 1, 2:46 PM

A new breed of UFOlogist has emerged as critics of the burgeoning exopolitics movement. It’s no surprise that in the lead up and success of the world’s first Exopolitics Summit in Barcelona, Spain, that UFOlogists would increasingly perceive exopolitics as an existential threat. The existential threat, according to UFOlogists acting as gatekeepers for “legitimate UFO research,” is that exopoliticians mix reliable with unreliable UFO sources in their analyses. Indeed, this mixing of reliable and unreliable sources leads to a special form of hysteria among gatekeepers of legitimate UFO research. Existential hysteria leads to UFOlogical gatekeepers claiming in all seriousness that exopolitics has become the main obstacle to genuine UFO disclosure. The reality is that after six decades of earnest activity, UFOlogy has failed to take humanity to the promised land of genuine government disclosure of UFOs, and a new set of pioneers have stepped in to light the way. These exopolitical pioneers believe that a nuanced consideration of ALL evidentiary sources and related political processes will expose the truth behind the extraterrestrial hypothesis – that some UFOs are interplanetary in origin.

Speakers at European Exopolitics Summit

UFOlogy is broadly defined as a field dominated by those believing in the scientific study of the UFO phenomenon. Using methods and techniques borrowed from disciplines such as physics, meteorology, astronomy and biology, UFOlogists believe that they can amass sufficient evidence to convince hard core skeptics that UFOs are real, and have genuine national security implications. In such an endeavor, any evidence deemed to be unreliable, tainted, not consistent with facts, is jettisoned in order not to corrupt the raw pool of reliable data needed to convince UFO skeptics. The end result of this rigid filtering process is a pool of data that UFOs are indeed real and have important national security implications. For example, UFOs outperform modern aircraft, have crashed and been retrieved in mysterious circumstances, and are often sighted near nuclear installations.

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